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January 2022



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The Sunday Express January 16: The Property Magazine Limited Edition

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This week: The Property Magazine Edition:   1. Afcon: Zimbabwe Warriors Need To Develop Killer Instinct 2. Our Fresh Approach To News and Information 3. Factionalism Hits Zanu-PF In South Africa 4. Arthur Mutambara In Defence Of Minister Sisulu 5. Public Outcry Over Alarming Brain […]

Agriculture Features News Opinion and Analysis
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Brain Drain Decimates Zimbabwe’s Emergency Services As Workers Leave En Masse

Essential services in Zimbabwe on the verge of collapse as poor remuneration and working conditions drive workers abroad By Chris Muronzi Samuel Chikengezha, a 35-year-old fireman, sits on a sofa in his modest home, staring at the television set while he stresses over how he’ll […]

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Put It Simply, Zimbabwe Needs To Develop That Killer Instinct. We Are Not Called The Warriors For Nothing

I firmly believe that anything can happen in football, but when we lost the game against Malawi, who are one of the weakest teams in Africa, we should be worried By Terrence Mwedzi It is worrying to note that the Warriors are out of the […]

Features Football Opinion and Analysis
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Despite Results Not Going Their Way, Zimbabwe Warriors Kit Rated The Best At Afcon

The colours reflect the nation’s flag, and they are flashy without being too distracting. The tear design is perfectly executed By Kyle Bonn The Africa Cup of Nations always delivers when it comes to well-designed and eye-popping national team kits, and this year’s tournament is […]

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Secret meetings, factionalism and internal squabbling ravage Zanu-PF district in South Africa

Zanu-PF Sandton branch accuses SA district chairman of clandestine meetings with G40 politicians The Sunday Express Open fighting, allegations of corruption and alleged dysfunctionality in the structures Zanu-PF in South Africa – have been laid bare for all to see this week after Zanu-PF Sandton […]

Features News Opinion and Analysis
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Let’s Talk About Health Matters – Minding Your Well-Being: Men’s Health

#All in 4 Health: #Allin4health# health4all #minding your wellbeing #healthawareness By Dr T W Ngwenya Changamire We have been discussing various topics around men’s health and as we come to the end of the men’s health series we will discuss a very important and prevalent […]

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Arthur Mutambara In Defence Of Sisulu: SA Constitution Isn’t Sacred, Judges Aren’t Demigods

I concede the context and motives of the Minister’s piece must be interrogated: Ngugi wa Thiong’o taught us that: “Decolonising the mind is the most difficult exercise By Arthur Mutambara South African Minister of Tourism Lindiwe Sisulu penned an opinion piece on 7 January 2022 […]

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Writing Fiction With Nhamo Muchagumisa: The Twin Beauty

They allowed the artifices of the human hand to take them in as they beheld the flowers that welcomed them not to the city they knew so well By Nhamo Muchagumisa We are currently running the limited edition for the launch of the Sunday Express […]

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Luxury of glamping arrives in Zimbabwe, as investor snaps up geodesic dome site in the Eastern Highlands

Detail of the domes is what makes for property developer reading – geodesic domes, weather insulated and equipped with solar, sinks, toilets and soft showers The Sunday Express The changing face of camping has taken on new meaning in Zimbabwe – after one of the […]

Agriculture Features News
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The Sunday Express: January 9: Go Warriors. Bring The Afcon Trophy To Zimbabwe

January 2022 Edition Rolls Out With Call For Our Zimbabwe Warriors To Bring The Trophy Home The Sunday Express: January 9 This week – new year, new month, and a new digital newspaper for 2022. To say that our news coverage offers the best Sunday […]

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