Together we will win Zimbabwe for change. From Zambezi to Limpopo


By Clifford Hlatywayo


There has arisen debate on the move by former  some former MDC Alliance members to Zanu-PF.

Whilst it is not a big event, as non cowards and patriots, we don’t hesitate to take the plunge.

Firstly, the MDC Alliance is a political party ideologically rooted on social democratic values. Amongst these values is freedom of expression and association.

That right, among many are sacrosanct. We are therefore not in any way taken aback by the decision to exercise their democractic and constitutional guaranteed rights.

We know however that at this point in time Zanu-PF is doing all it can to take Zimbabwe back to 1983- creation of a one party state by dismantling alternative ideas; vanquishing, jailing, detaining and scaring both the popular party and civil society leaders.

The constant arrest and detentions of professionals and activists including Makomborero Haruzivishe, Hon Joana Mamombe, Netsai Marova, Cecilia Chimbiri, Takudzwa Ngadziore, Allan Moyo, Hopewell Chin’ono, Hon Job Sikhala, Jacob Ngarivhume, Advocate Fadzayi Mahere, Hon Biti, Gladys Hlatywayo, VP Karenye Kore, Hon Amos Chibaya, SG Charlton Hwende, Lovemore Chinoputsa, Ostalos Siziba, Ralph Magunje and many others is part of that plot.

MDC Alliance is a people’s party

On the same, the vampire state co-opts some leaders from the opposition as a deceptive show of mighty.

The agenda is not just to incapacitate the opposition but stiffle dissent from within Zanu-PF. Zanu-pf will not succeed in its one party pursuit. It has been exposed!

MDC Alliance is a people’s party. That party is hidden in people’s hearts. No violence, detentions, co-option or propaganda will weaken that treasure.

MDC Alliance is a transparent organisation, which recently published its audited accounts. The first of its kind. Peddling falsehoods and an attack on the leadership of the party by ZANU pf is a non event. We are accountable to the masses of Zimbabwe, which was done satisfactorily.

The people of Zimbabwe remain clear on the march for a democratic developmental state. Happiness and prosperity are what the people want.

The creation of rebels by ZANU pf in the name of MDC T can not distract the people’s train.

In fact, the national socio- economic and political instability caused by Zanu PF is a bigger national threat than their MDC T project. The balooning illegal bad debt by Mthuli Ncube is a threat to Zimbabwe. All because of Zanu PF’s predatory and looting nature.

The capture of state institutions including other media houses is another threat to Zimbabwe. The judiciary is not safe. Parliament was rigged and silenced through illegal recalls.

Taxation is too high and yet Zim average wages are below the regional average of $300USD/month. This is inspite of Zimbabwe’s vast wealth.

Zimbabweans must know that every child born in Zimbabwe assumes a debt of $923USD upon birth. Its a scandal of huge proportions.

Zanu PF borrows without parliamentary oversight and spends without parliamentaty oversight.

They loot everything, gold, diamonds, fuel, fertilisers for farmers, mines, urban land, pangolins and lions.

Crisis of legitimacy

Parastatals like Zinara, Zupco, National Railways, Zesa, Air Zimbabwe are on their knees because of executive looting.

Zimbabwe is in a serious crisis. A crisis of legitimacy.

The justice system is very selective and captured. They arrest and detain selectively. Cllr Madzokere and Last Maengahama are wrongly serving 20 years just to show force. But those that pocketed millions of money and gold walk scot free.

The looters are all known but protected by the vampire system.

Zimbabweans deserve better. The good thing is that even some in Zanu-PF have begun to see the light.

The one party state agenda will collapse within Zanu-PF itself. Zanu-PF perceived or real use of ethnicity as a carrot will soon explode.

We see only one answer at the moment.

A People’s Government born out of a free expression of the people through free and fair elections is the antidote.

Justice on past transgressions like Gukurahundi, Operation Hakudzokwi, Operation Wavhoteta Papi and August 1 2018 among others remains necessary to build a desirable, stable and progressive Zimbabwe.

The SADC region and the international community must continue to reign on the Harare leadership. Peace and stability can not and must not be traded for ego and power in Zimbabwe.

President Nelson Chamisa and MDC Alliance is ready to lead Zimbabwe to be great again.

Zimbabwe has great potential given the abundant resources at its disposal including its soils, minerals, human capital just to mention but a few.

Together we will win Zimbabwe for change. From Zambezi to Limpopo- Zimbabweans are clear: that Zanu PF must go.


Clifford Hlatywayo is Deputy National Spokesperson, MDC Alliance


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