Let’s cut the chase on Zidera: Zimbabwe in indeed under sanctions, simple

The investment world just does not have the luxury of time to analyse Zidera and determine who is exactly under sanctions or not By Colls Ndlovu Recently, the United Kingdom imposed sanctions on some individuals within Zimbabwe's top military establishment. The Zimbabwe faces Zidera which was signed by former US President George W. Bush into law in December 2001, allegedly to promote democracy and economic recovery in Zimbabwe. The question which arises of course is: what exactly is wrong with this sanctions law imposed against Zimbabwe? The answer is that the contentious clauses within Zidera that prejudice ordinary Zimbabweans are to be found in section 4 (c ) of Zidera which specifically compels or coerces US executive directors of each international financial institution to oppose and vote against, (i) any extension by that institution any loan, credit, or guarantee to the government of Zimbabwe (this has invariably been interpreted to include even loans to Zim institutions) , (ii) that US executives must oppose and/or vote against any cancellation or reduction of indebtedness owed by the government of Zimbabwe to the US or any international financial institution. These are the two injurious clauses that tend to prejudice Zimbabweans.

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