The Book of Soul… through the incredible life and death of Jah Love

IF Soul Jah Love’s life was a book, the story being told would simply be unbelievable By Royce Mapaike IF Soul Jah Love’s life was a book, there are certain points where a reader would have perhaps stopped reading because the story being told would simply be unbelievable. At crucial points in the book, sometimes the life of Soul Musaka (31), who died last week and was declared a Liberation war hero for his exploits in arts, would seem stranger than fiction. He was laid to rest in Harare last week. Perhaps a reasonable reader would have closed this book when the main protagonist started driving a Hummer H2, a metallic beast meant to be tamed only by big men, mamonya. This was in March 2014 but as recently as October 2013, Soul Jah Love had been living in a makeshift home in Mbare (Harare), sleeping on a ghetto dwelling’s stubbornly hard floor and perhaps using his own arm as a pillow. It did not make sense.

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