“I have been going through a soul-searching pilgrimage and realised that I need the space to deal with my problem outside the governance



By Al Jazeera and Own Correspondent


In a rare move by a public official in Zimbabwe – Zimbabwe Vice President Kembo Mohadi resigned on Monday following local media reports he had engaged in improper conduct.

Analysts have questioned how an online newspaper ZimLive obtained the recordings which could only ordinarily have been obtained through high level tapping or some kind of intelligence work or only authorised through the court

Mohadi, along with Constantino Chiwenga, was a co-deputy to President Emmerson Mnangagwa since 2018, but without a political power base, he was not seen as a potential successor to the president.

it is unusual in Zimbabwe’s corridors of power for top politicians to resign, and Mohadi said he had taken the decision to step down “not as a matter of cowardice but as a sign of demonstrating great respect to the office of the President”.

“I have been going through a soul-searching pilgrimage and realised that I need the space to deal with my problem outside the governance chair,” he said in a statement released by the Ministry of Information.

Local online media service ZimLive has in the past two weeks carried reports that Mohadi had improper sexual liaisons with married women, including one of his subordinates.

Mohadi, 70, denied the accusations last week saying this was part of a political plot against him. On Monday he continued to deny the accusations saying he would seek legal recourse.

Popular broadcaster andf radio personality Ezra Chisa Sibanda wrote on his facebook page that it was increasingly clear that the phone recording of former Vice President Kembo in his sex scandals was a huge security breach.

“How could a phone belonging to someone in the Presidium be secretly recorded. This was not just an ordinary person, he was number 2 and highly protected. I believe only the intelligence conducted the gravest intrusion in Mohadi’s phone.

“The Government of Zimbabwe should be concerned by this intrusion, it should be of great concern to the whole leadership and heads should roll. In a normal situation, the head of security would resign following these leaks,” Sibanda said.

He added that Mohadi had been adamant that his political enemies were out to get him by cloning his voice and creating non-existent sex scandals.

Well then they finally got him and he is gone. It will be helpful for Mohadi to name his enemies and who gave them powers to clone his phone. Its a criminal offence to intercept phone calls unless it is done by a member of the police or intelligence agencies acting with a warrant, which can be granted by courts only to protect national security, to prevent serious crime or to safeguard the economic wellbeing of the country.

“Its also an offence to gain access to material which is stored on a communication system, such as a voice message, without a search warrant or a production order, either of which has to be approved by the courts,” Sibanda said.

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