Universal Cosmic Natural Moral Law is sourced from the cosmic forces of creation

By Esoteric Kazingizi

Natural Law is based on principles of truth while man’s law is based on beliefs and claims to authority.

Embodying, harmonizing, complying, aligning and living according to principles of Natural Law has been done by people like Mahatma Gandhi who had recognised this knowledge, while most of us are living in the illusion of a myriad of law volumes that we are expected to understand.

They fabricate nonsense into existence with rules and regulations to confuse and complicate our lives. We comply for fear of punishment if we do not.

We can choose to become enlightened through an understanding of the forces of the universe as they are, or we can stay out of the prison cell of punishment by complying and basing our actions from the lowest modality of consciousness: fear. Man’s law is based on the dictates of men given power to create rules of conduct.

These laws can be different from one time to another or one place to another, so how are they supposed to be based on right and wrong if they are always changing?

Choosing what is right and wrong instead of recognizing right from wrong is moral relativism.

No imaginary rights can be invented or granted to individuals or groups where they did not exist for every other individual

Universal Cosmic Natural Moral Law is sourced from the cosmic forces of creation. Which force do you want to align yourself with?

In society there are some who are punished and lose their freedom for not having harmed another, while others who engage in harm against another are never acted upon and stopped.

In order for someone to violate Natural Law, another must be violated or harmed, and then action can be taken against them to stop this harm.

No imaginary rights can be invented or granted to individuals or groups where they did not exist for every other individual.

For example, can you imagine giving someone a right you do not possess? If one person can’t steal from others, who then can take from the labors of others? No one. No amount of people collected into a group can assume or grant such a right that does not exist.

If 1000 people don’t have the right to take the labuor of others by threats (which is what taxation is), then a group of those 1000 people calling themselves “government” can’t invent or assume a right that does not exist.

Granting something you do not possess yourself is an illusion. A right cannot be assumed if it does not already exist. So why can’t we write laws into existence? Because we are not “God”.

Man’s law is irrelevant in light of the revelation and recognition of Universal Cosmic Natural Moral Law.

Caroll Quigley

If man’s law is in contradiction with Natural Law, it is false and immoral and not binding upon anyone, otherwise it is in harmony with Natural Law and is redundant.

What if I told you there was a plan by rich and/or powerful organizations and individuals to shape the world as they see fit?

That’s just standard when you think about it.

Governments do that. If you look into Caroll Quigley, you will see that outside of government people and organizations/groups influence governments to pursue agenda they want enacted. The CFR does this. It’s been going on for a long time. What if I told you there was a documented plan to control people further? To implement greater and greater authoritarian control through governments? To silence alternative media?

To lockdown free thinkers and outliers? And that this was to come about when an expected pandemic struck?

Well, it was written about in a document called Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development. And it was written by the alleged benevolent Rockfeller Foundation in 2010.

We are seeing the aims of this document come to fruition in 2020. It even spoke of a pandemic to lead to the outcomes they predict.

The most important part of the document would likely be the section called “Lock Step”, with the goal described as:

A world of tighter top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership, with limited innovation and growing citizen pushback.



Isoteric Kazingizi is a columnist for The Digital Sunday Express. Contact him at (263) 77 260 4348



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