The choice of successor for Zimbabwe’s new Vice President is not such a given afterall


By Addlyne Hencil


This week has been a week of upheavals and downheavals of sorts in the Zimbabwean Presidium. I mean – a whole person of the Vice President resigned from the powerful position of Zimbabwe’s Number Two. Some saw it coming. I didn’t – but I could sense that something was about to happen.

Kembo Mohadi’s expected unexpected resignation has led to speculation on who will replace him? Cde Mohadi was appointed Vice President by President Mnangagwa in 2017, taking the traditional slot reserved for a former ZAPU cadre – as demanded by the dictates of the 1987 Unity Accord prescribes that the VP post is awarded to a former top or senior ZAPU leader.

As I looked at the unfolding events with the Vice President I discovered that six key political players are possibly being bandied around in the social circles as possible replacement candidates.

But since I speak my mind and I have a right as an individual to have my own wishlist, therefore I take upon my individual right to revisit the topical six and why I think that their names are suddenly in the news.

1. Cde Sithembiso Nyoni
If the issue of gender which prescribes that one of our Vice Presidents should be a female then Mai Sithembiso Nyoni will come out victorious. Currently she is the Minister of Women and Youth Affairs. She has experience on government business lasting over the past two decades or more.

Cde Sithembiso Nyoni is a down to earth person. She is free of scandals. Will she be the chosen one? I think that she is a candidate.

2. Cde Obert Mpofu
He has also been around, and he is never far away from the news. Love him of hate him, he is actually a Zanu-PF heavyweight, and it is not clear if he commands followership from Zapu ranks. Some say that he is closer to Harare than he he to his roots in Matatebeland. What works for him is that he is a hardworkers and that is probably a plus. I say that he is a horse in the race. A dark horse that is.

3. Cde SK Moyo
My view as someone who speaks my mind is that he is a serious flip flopper. Mark my workds as my own words. A Vice President Post is a position that needs someone who is consistent. He is good at Shake Shake Building, doing party work and control the information department. But as Vice President, will he cut it?

4. Cde Valerio Sibanda
Yes a good candidate and infact his name seems to be appearing right on the front lines more. But is he a potician. Is he up to the game of slogans, or he is more of a gunman. Is it politically correct to put another career soldier right in the Presidium – seeing that the other VP is Cde Chiwenga who is an out and out soldier. If Ltd Gen Vallerio comes into the saddle then it makes the VPs a collection of military hardman to run the country. Remind me. Are we a military country? And is it proper to have another high ranking military man as second in command. Time will tell.

5. Cde Jacob Mudenda
Another candidate whose name appears in social media. Is it for the right reasons? He has been around the block and it is difficult to see what he is going to bring to the leadership of the country – given that we are looking for new ideas. He is from Matabeleland. That is a quality that counts. Show me the other qualities and I may vote for him.

6. Monica Mutsvangwa
She is energetic, but I’m not sure if she comes from Matabeleland as the dictates of the position demand. Will the power dynamics choke her out of the race and does she command a constituency. She is a lady which is good, but has she done enough to warrant the promotion.

The real permutations

So over and above, the top six on my list above if we all need to be honest, they all belong to the same bandwagon of the old madhalas, they have worked it all, seen it all, and tried it all. Who then fits; the president should appoint a person to the vice presidency at least someone 60 years and below.
The age factor is the reason why many youthfuls resonates well with opposition. They want vibrancy so it’s high time the president appoint a youthful, vibrant Vice President.
I’m Lady Adds, and here is my top seven list

1. Mayor Wadyajena
Very smart and hardworking. I think he has a chance.

2. Kuda Tagwirei
Young and rich, he funded the presidency (we are told by some newspapers), he is pseudo-prime minister because of his closeness to power, he is being groomed to takeover the reigns at some point, after all he has the financial muscles.

3.Winston Chitando
President’s blue eyed diamond boy. Charming and seemingly knowledgeable. Not a bad bet.

4. Lovemore Matuke
Tried and tested in some quarters. Was groomed by Father Simon Mzee Muzenda. Obviously he has seen it all. Now let him taste the power.

5. Kirsty Coventry
Our only hope against sanctions if you ask me. Sanctions are racist and with Kirsty in the picture hopefully we will win this racist war

6. Anastacia Ndlovu
Yes she appeared to have been used in the G40 project and this probably led her to be appointed mong the top Zanu-PF women’s league powerful women in the new dispensation. I saw lets try her charm

7. Tatenda Mavetera
A classic rags to riches story, from an actor to an honorable MP. . Another horse. A dark one. If I’m to chose a potential candidate to replace Kembo Mohadi I’ll chose Sithembiso Nyoni it is, she is sweet and very motherly.

Hencil is a columnist for The Sunday Express. She works for Jit Television. She is launching her talkshow called Ndinotaura Zvandinoda, Speaking My Mind


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