The No-More Excuse summit is a great place learn how to automate and digitise. Grab your seat today



By Doris Charliee Banda



Mr Munyaradzi Dongo – in collaboration with FNB – is inviting you to a life changing summit on the 21st of March at Manhattan Hotel in Pretoria.

The No More Excuse summit is coming to you with popular demand after a successful Mega Networking event that took place in November 2020, an event that brought change in lots of businesses that were struggling to do better and manage to reach their desired targets.

Mr. M Dongo is a young Entrepreneur and Business Coach who has helped many entrepreneurs to start, restructure and sustain their businesses while automating their Businesses and Coaches to also take their lessons to the next level.

The No More Excuse summit is a great platform for those aspiring business individuals to come and learn how to Automate and be the best in any field that you running your business in.

This is a life changing event to and a platform to network and grow your personal and business brand with the biggest names in the modern business world.

Mr. M Dongo will be joined by some amazing speakers from various industries and also the biggest bank in South Africa, the First National Bank (FNB) will be educating people on different financial aspects like how to get a business loan with FNB, benefits that businesses get when they want to have a business account with FNB.

This event will also be streaming live on all BNC broadcasting channel including the BNC TV, BNC RADIO, BNC YouTube and BNC Virtual Summit Facebook group.


The registration for online attending is also happening on the same registration link so register today and claim your spot to ensure you don’t miss this life changing summit


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