How to release the negative energy which blocks your financial abundance

It is important that we identify our money blocks and work towards clearing them By Tarie Manyonga A money block is a series of thoughts or let me just say it is a mindset which blocks one from financial abundance. This can be rooted in stereotypes we grew up hearing about money either from our family or the society. I grew up in an environment where money talks were a taboo and the only time l would hear about it was when my father used to complain that our school fees and tuck were too expensive. He would emphasize how much he was wasting his money on us because we were 'not good' in school. His rightful words still ring a bell in my mind as it was his trend each time he would take us to school, he would say “uku ndokuisa mari wosungirira padombo wokanda munaSave” (am tying my money on a stone and throwing into a river). These words sent signals that l was a burden to him and was not supposed to ask for money.

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