It is important that we identify our money blocks and work towards clearing them

By Tarie Manyonga


A money block is a series of thoughts or let me just say it is a mindset which blocks one from financial abundance. This can be rooted in stereotypes we grew up hearing about money either from our family or the society.

I grew up in an environment where money talks were a taboo and the only time l would hear about it was when my father used to complain that our school fees and tuck were too expensive.

He would emphasize how much he was wasting his money on us because we were ‘not good’ in school. His rightful words still ring a bell in my mind as it was his trend each time he would take us to school, he would say “uku ndokuisa mari wosungirira padombo wokanda munaSave” (am tying my money on a stone and throwing into a river).

These words sent signals that l was a burden to him and was not supposed to ask for money. It gave me the idea that money was so difficult to get that it makes him frustrated.

This kind of language really affect our mindset towards money. It is something we must work harder on, to change our perspective about our money.

Working on a budget was a fallacy to me since the money was too little to cover my needs

Within the early years of my career, l struggled to manage my money. l would be frustrated each time l got paid or receive money from the side hustles but still had a lot of expenses which l could not cover.

Working on a budget was a fallacy to me since the money was too little to cover my needs. It took me many years to understand how money works and how to free myself from this bondage of living from hand to mouth.

On my quest to free myself l embarked on a research which revealed unto me that what l was manifesting were money blocks.

I was blocking myself to financial abundance because of the money script l captured in my childhood.

This is what l then practiced to release these money blocks and l hope it can be of help to you too:
Accepting my past
I had to accept my past and that l was raised from a background which did not understand how money works. I forgave my father for his brutal words because that is what he knew and how he was raised.

Acceptance is an important phase to release money blocks as you get to understand yourself you let go off the negative energy and work on changing yourself. This helped me to release that negative money script and was willing to work on how to change it.

Identifying financial abundance blocks

When l went through this phase of identifying why my money was always dodging my pockets, it was a painful but exciting experience. I was filled with mixed emotions.

To achieve this, you need to reflect and revisit your childhood.

Learning to reprogram my mind to financial abundance.
This is the most challenging part of the whole process, trying to train your mind new beliefs.

The best way to reprogram your mind is affirmations. Start speaking the right words towards your money.

The reason why l said it’s a difficult process is that l would find myself sometimes affirming that l am a money magnet or l receive money every day, whilst l know for sure it has been weeks without having a cent in my pockets.

What you have to understand is that affirmations are like seeds you are planting in your mind.

They will not have instant results but in due course you will start seeing them manifest. So, patience plays a key role here.

Believe and invest in yourself

Believe in yourself!

The last practice to release my money blocks was totally believing in myself that one day l will see a change in my finances. I do not want to lie the stumbling blocks are so much when you are in this road of changing the money mindset or the money script.

Your mind will be attacking you from one angle and people around might also be attacking from the other angle. If you believe in yourself, you will get it right. As l said before patience pays a key role.

Why is it important to clear money blocks?

I can hear others saying: ‘Ok well Tarie, is it really important? It is the way we were raised, what can we do about it?’

OK, l get you, l was also in that same space of thinking some years back but let me tell you why its important to clear this block to your financial abundance.

It is the key to your financial success in life. If you consume negative energy, you will always be ungrateful but when you clear the money blocks, you attract positive energy which will unlock more opportunities to your money.

So, l strongly say, it is important that we identify our money blocks and work towards clearing them because your money matters and you must be in charge of it.


Tarie Manyonga a Financial Literacy expert.




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