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Nelson Chamisa: The man who walked with God to the Plebiscite

What caught my attention first on the youthful and charismatic Chamisa was his #Godisinit mantra By Spiry Tee Zimbabwean politics has been characterized by violence and rancour since time immemorial. The forced resignation of former President Robert Mugabe brought in an era that was expected by majority of Zimbabweans at home and abroad to usher in a new kind of politics that is based on respect for dissenting views. Has that expectation been squashed already? You be the judge dear reader. My focus is the run up to the harmonized elections of July 2018. This is not a political commentary so I will keep my political views out of the discussion. Two men were front runners, Nelson Chamisa and Emmerson Mnangagwa. The battle for the highest office was fierce but the campaign trail had less blood and violence this time around.

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