What caught my attention first on the youthful and charismatic Chamisa was his #Godisinit mantra



By Spiry Tee


Zimbabwean politics has been characterized by violence and rancour since time immemorial.

The forced resignation of former President Robert Mugabe brought in an era that was expected by majority of Zimbabweans at home and abroad to usher in a new kind of politics that is based on respect for dissenting views.

Has that expectation been squashed already? You be the judge dear reader.

My focus is the run up to the harmonized elections of July 2018. This is not a political commentary so I will keep my political views out of the discussion. Two men were front runners, Nelson Chamisa and Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The battle for the highest office was fierce but the campaign trail had less blood and violence this time around. The country was hopeful again though some were maintaining cautious hope.

Nelson Chamisa, a trained pastor from the nationally renowned Living Waters Bible Seminary, who is also an advocate at law, was the darling and obvious choice for most young people for they saw in him one of their own who dared to dream of a fully furnished and functional Zimbabwe and was not intimidated by an experienced political strongman in now President Mnangagwa.

What caught my attention was his “GodIsInIt”Opinion and Analysis mantra

But what caught my attention first on the youthful and charismatic Chamisa was his #Godisinit mantra.

Coupled with some very good and sound policies, which resonated with 2.6 million voters, his campaign was rooted in God’s providence.

He was not ashamed to pray publicly before or after his campaign speeches which was graced by record numbers of his supporters.

Some criticised him for that warning about the dangers of state imposed religion if he gets into office.

His critics said they preferred a secular state separated from the entanglements of faith and religion but the believer in Nelson Chamisa was unmoved and his resolve to glorify God through his political platform became more absolute than ever before.

He blessed God for the support he received from the electorate and declared that it could only be God who brought him to the nation’s consciousness in a record time since assuming the presidency of his party, the MDC Alliance.

After the elections most people believed he won despite the supreme court judgement declaring the contrary.

Many people were shuttered and all of a sudden like what had become characteristic of our national election cycles, hope turned to despair, but Mr Chamisa’s faith in God remained steadfast.

He was now hemmed in between ruthless securocrats and an angry mob

Like David in Ziklag the people demanded Chamisa to do something about their alleged “stolen election victory”. He was now hemmed in between ruthless securocrats and an angry mob that voted for him.ReligionOpinion

I remember how he would occasionally post pictures of himself in the mountains with beautiful captions like “pamabvi hatibvi” (a Shona expression that means we will not stop praying).

Up until now he has remained steadfast in proclaiming his trust in God despite constant political machinations against him.

In my view he has demonstrated a lot of the fruit of the Spirit in that he has not rushed to do anything preposterous so far and is keeping his political cards very close to his chest . Love him or hate him but his composure rubs his opponents in a wrong way.

Whether or not his political strategy will yield results remains a mystery but one thing is heartening for me and most of Christians that his claims of faith in God was not just to hoodwink Christian citizens for a vote.

You can see even after the election that his faith in God is at the core of his value system.

My point is simple, Zimbabwe needs leaders who have a moral consciousness for her to move forward and rise, and what’s a better way to achieve that than popularizing our Christian values and convictions in the public square including in our political discourse as a nation.

I believe Zimbabwe has lost her moral compass and our political and business leaders should be concerned.

When people who are supposed to serve the most vulnerable in our society steal from them and our leaders don’t seem to act decisively, then we have a big reason to be concerned as a nation.

Our country needs moral recalibration and no one person can do it. It takes all of us.

There are many Christians serving the country in different capacities. Thank you and heaven sees you. You have been given a charge by God to go and be a light to your world. Let Jesus reign in the corridors of power and freedom will rain upon the nation.

Nations that have embraced Jesus and the Bible have made so much progress and have contributed immensely to modern civilization.

Zimbabwe should reject the worship of idols and consulting of the dead

Our country should immediately reject the worship of idols and consulting of the dead. We can celebrate our cultural heritage without traditions handed to us by “native doctors” who in essence were witch doctors and inspired by demons.

Asking for national direction from the dead is like consulting darkness expecting to get wisdom of the light. When we exalt death we will have death in our national institutions. Superstition will not build the nation,  only truth and love for one another.

Let’s do something that has been proved to work: Jesus. Jesus said “I am the way the truth and the life” (John 14:6). If we want the way (direction) Jesus is. If we want the truth(reality), Jesus is. If we want Life, Jesus is.

Stand up church, your country needs you. Run for office. Say something. Do something. Be the change.

Don’t stay on the side lines and the peripheries of our national discourse.

It is the world that is peripheral to the church not the other way around. When the Lord Jesus reigns in a nation, the nation will rejoice and every nook and cranny of country will be glad.

The late vice president Dr J. N. Nkomo said “The country will not die, the young people will save it” but I say “The country will not die, Jesus through his people will save it”.



Spiry Tee is the lead pastor of Breathe Ministries. He is passionate about presenting Jesus as life not as a religious leader. He posts daily devotionals at breatheministries.online. For testimonies, prayers and feedback send to breathe.online@outlook.com



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