Of mental health and how humanity can adjust to our collective social being

The continuum of mental health and disorders By Mo Nyamande This column in The Sunday Express gets better every week, and for as long as the readers and followers in this newspaper are reading and following, we will be here with new topics every week. The need is there, and I am happy to provide the information for our people. Mental Health has been the bane of human existence for centuries. Why has it been so complex to remedy? The problem with the human being is that it is a social being. It requires other humans to guide and help it to navigate it’s environments. We are all born of a mother and a father, as such those become our guides/gods depending on whatever translation one chooses to take, based on their orientation and conditioning. If your parents have been patient and kind, as such your god will be too, and if they have been harsh and punitive, so will your God. The human being yearns to do more and better than its predecessor Our mental spaces and events are guided by these principles.

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