The storyline is that Covid-19 affects men and women differently

More men than women account for confirmed cases in the African region By Sylvia Kiwuwa Muyingo The African Population Health Research Centre, based in Kenya, has been mining data across 47 countries in Africa, tracking differences in COVID-19 infection, illness and deaths among men and women. Sylvia Muyingo lays-out their key findings and explains why tracking these data is important. What did you set out to track? Why? I am part of a team that is tracking the latest COVID-19 global data broken down by sex, also known as sex-disaggregated data. It is the world’s largest database of sex-disaggregated data on COVID-19 and is a joint effort between the Global Health 50/50 (an initiative dedicated to gender equality in global health), the African Population and Health Research Centre and the International Centre for Research on Women. We are tracking publicly available national data from 187 countries. This amounts to 99% of global cases and 99% of global deaths. For Africa, we report on all 47 countries covered by the World Health Organisation. Our mission is to share knowledge and inform decisions. The tracker captures information on a wide range of data.

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