We understand that times are hard, but we must still cut our own grass in our backyard


By Terrence Mwedzi


So it has been another busy week on the news front, and this week I have two things that I want to write to you about

Kembo Mohadi resignation

The resignation of Col (Rtd) Cde KCD Mohadi from the post of Vice President of the Second Republic of Zimbabwe came as a surprise to me.

Let me take this crucial moment to share my genuine and noble opinions in the Digital Sunday Express about this latest story.

It is a fact that Cde Mohadi was (forced) to resign after some sexual misconduct allegations. It is still unheard of in Zanu PF-led government since 1980 for a top government official to resign after such matters.

Personally, l would like to commend and applaud him for taking such a worthwhile decision if he resigned willingly because the office of the Vice President always demands highest level of integrity and solid moral probity.

Cde Mohadi said he had taken the decision to step down “not as a matter of cowardice but as a sign of demonstrating great respect to the office of the president.”

But if we look deeply into this matter, we will find that it was a serious political assassination attempt that meant to end his political career prematurely-It is an internal job.

From the look of things, Cde Mohadi is being surrounded by many political enemies who want to destroy his political career for good and tarnish his image.

These serious allegations should be investigated and more people are being involved including top journalists and senior government officials.

It boggles the mind that Secretary for lnformation and Publicity Cde SK Moyo stated that the resignation of Col (Rtd) Cde KCD Mohadi from the government will not affect his top position in the party (which is the ruling party).

What is the meaning of all this? What does this meaning to us citizens.

In contrast, people will agree with me that there is more to this strange story. How can someone resigned from VP post but remains an active member in the party, which is the governing party? It does not make any sense at all.

Smooth paradox under the sun

It’s unheard of. It’s a smooth paradox under the sun. In this modern decade we can’t expect this to prevail.

These internal-related games will not help us anymore.

It is time to call a spade a spade. Lies should not be contained and tolerated. The matter should be investigated swiftly. We need to know the truth. Can we blame Mohadi alone or blame the one who leaked audios to the public? In the same vein.

If the recorded audios are true-then the person who leaked them committed a serious offence. Privacy is very important in life.

Recently the social media was awash with audio recordings of phone conversation allegedly of Cde Mohadi soliciting sex from different women and the ZIMLIVE online publication was the first to carry/publish improper sexual liaisons (suspected) Mohadi had with married women including one of his subordinates.
Where did the ZIMLIVE online publication get the leaked audios?

Surely this leaves a lot to be desired-it was a trap(that’s my opinion). The law should take its course.



Furthermore, what confuses me is that Nick Mangwana recently posted on his twitter account defending Cde Mohadi’s unclear and nefarious deeds.

He said, “A lot of insecure men when married men have it off with young women,no problem.

When married women have it off with powerful men all hell breaks loose!

A woman is no-one’s property she can make choice and if you are married to her and you don’t it, tough.”

There is a lot of drama in the ruling party. But for now let the truth lead.


We understand that times are hard but why they failed to do simple things like cutting grass in our stadiums?


The second issue is about the maintanance of our stadiums countrywide. The state of our stadiums country wide are not pleasing at all-they need serious renovations.

The City councils have failed to refurbish the stadiums even to cut grass, in most stadiums like Luveve the weeds are invading terraces and the state of pitch is very deplorable. It is worrisome to note that in this modern day and age, Zimbabwe has no stadium that fit to host even international footballs. What a paradox!

We understand that times are hard but why they failed to do simple things like cutting grass in our stadiums? Surely we can’t blame sanctions for not cutting grass. I am not taking about putting buckets seats ,but cutting GRASS into our stadium everytime.

We also need modern drainage systems. Nothing is being done. We are tired of hearing excuses. Action must be seen on the ground-and our grounds need to be look much better.

The urban councils need to more serious and stop playing political games when our big stadiums are in sorry state.

As l pen this crucial piece, Sakubva Stadium condemned from hosting PSL games long time ago. The rennovations there are moving at a slow pace. What’s wrong with us?

We are now a laughing stock. This is bad. Sport plays a pivotal role in promoting our cities as recreational destinations.

Let’s prioritise it to make all things viable in the football circles.


Terrence Mwedzi is a poet and writer. He writes to the Digital Sunday Express in personal capacity and can be contacted on: +27611370088.




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