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Zimbabwe under TPF rule will be a progressive country

TPF believes in the elimination of elite privileges, economic misery and deteriorating standards of the Zimbabwean By Andrew Nyathi The Patriotic Front (TPF) has a vision to build a nation whose tenets are anchored on the wishes of the forbearers of our liberation. Under a TPF government, Zimbabweans will live in an environment where people work together in building a prosperous and stable country – a country in which poverty, militarism, mismanagement, corruption, looting and sanctions are only folktales of history told by old people to their grandchildren. We shall construct a working jewel of a country characterised by hard work and honesty. Meritocracy shall be the order of the day, where the children of the soil speak or know no racism or tribalism. One’s language will never be the gateway to opportunities or lack of opportunity. TPF has a vision and historical mission of how to put things right. In that vision there is a plan. This is not a dream.

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