TPF believes in the elimination of elite privileges, economic misery and deteriorating standards of the Zimbabwean

By Andrew Nyathi

The Patriotic Front (TPF) has a vision to build a nation whose tenets are anchored on the wishes of the forbearers of our liberation.

Under a TPF government, Zimbabweans will live in an environment where people work together in building a prosperous and stable country – a country in which poverty, militarism, mismanagement, corruption, looting and sanctions are only folktales of history told by old people to their grandchildren.

We shall construct a working jewel of a country characterised by hard work and honesty.

Meritocracy shall be the order of the day, where the children of the soil speak or know no racism or tribalism.

One’s language will never be the gateway to opportunities or lack of opportunity. TPF has a vision and historical mission of how to put things right. In that vision there is a plan.

This is not a dream. It is something which our nation can and WILL achieve simply by working together through a scientifically crafted trajectory, in which everyone has a say, everyone makes a contribution and from which everyone benefits.

Zimbabwe has arguably the most skilled workforce in the region, plus an abundance of natural resources – but because of the culture of greed and mismanagement in the leadership, the majority of our skilled people have been forced to leave the country.

Under a TPF government, constitutionalism, rule of law and National Sovereignty, Human and civil Rights, will remain important and key to democracy, but must also be linked to a strong economy, with jobs, food and security of life.

“Freedom of speech on full stomach” shall be the lasting and guiding principle.

It is unwise for Zimbabweans to look to other countries to develop Zimbabwe. We believe in looking inwards for the development of our country.

We cannot afford to be a blind society to this very important fact.

TPF therefore, as guided by the teachings of the Fathers of nationalist movements, believes that the struggle for independence and freedom was driven by the vision and burning desire for a multiracial democratic state whose authority and power are vested in the people as a whole.

TPF believes in the elimination of elite privileges, economic misery and deteriorating standards of the Zimbabwean people.

The Zimbabwe we believe in, therefore, shall see scientific advancement, modernity, originality to what we can master, changes of what is not working, a pan-African outlook and the global world of communities.

TPF believes that before engaging any foreign country or foreign company, Zimbabweans must work together to develop themselves through a sound governance system.

Almost everything that is bought in Zimbabwe must of necessity be made in Zimbabwe. We need power to be devolved to citizens and strategic guidance of the critical sectors of the economy.

We must build effective and efficient enterprises as well as strict control of the banking system.

Our economy should be based on production – not on the buying and selling of money – not on “deals”. Never again will untraceable or unknown riches be celebrated.

In line with the mission of TPF – of ensuring the promotion of social justice and human wellbeing, TPF will seek to establish an inclusive type of governance system.

The kleptocracy has run a system which has impoverished Zimbabweans; where a few individuals are grabbing whatever they can for themselves, while the majority of the people become increasingly poor, to the point that many are now destitute.

TPF shall never identify with a system that makes the majority of Zimbabweans poor.

We know what is wrong and what needs to be done.

For real democracy to work, every Zimbabwean must have a say in how he or she can contribute to building the economy – both as free individuals and as members of the free communities within a free Zimbabwe.

Of course, we also need the services of professional planners, electrical engineers, water engineers, agriculturalists, experts and many others.

Our localised work must be both scientific and democratic.

The first principle of our work is to increase production and productivity.

The second principle is to make sure that everybody, not just a few elites, contributes and benefits. The third principle is to ensure a working, independent banking system so that banking serves the needs of production and productivity, rather than production serving the bankers.

We will move money away from the streets to the banks.

The fourth principle is to establish priorities. Many things need to be done. But what must come first?
Thanking you again at The Digital Sunday Express for the opportunity to spell out our party principles.

Will continue with the conversation that I have started here next week.

Till next. Cheers for now.


Andrew Nyathi is Secretary-General of The Patriotic Front. The views and communication expressed do not necessarily represent the editorial position of The Sunday Express.










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