We tired of seeing the same old washed out madalas in baggy suits. Khaki ministers must go


By Addlyne Hencil

The proposal by President Emmerson Mnangagwa to allocate 10 parliamentary seats to the youth is welcome positive development, though I must hasten to say that I think the youth deserve more than that.

It’s high time that President Mnangagwa consider reshuffling his current cabinet with an energetic youthful cabinet.

In my previous article in the Sunday Express I mentioned that the age factor was (and is) the reason why youth resonate well with the opposition.

With this said, the President needs the new blood into his cabinet and not recycling of the same old people.

I personally contemplate that people are eager for new energy, new ideas, vibrancy, charismatic and motivated people.

Khaki Ministers

A little eye candy wouldn’t hurt either. We tired of seeing the same old washed out madalas in baggy suits, who don’t understand this new generation. Khaki ministers must go.

When the President picked his first cabinet soon after the 2018 harmonised election, there were a lot of optimism and confidence.

Our hopes are slowly fading because appointed ministers fizzled quickly and went into oblivion. Our current ministers are supposed to be hyperactive – especially considering the current state of our economy. Those ministers who deemed to be clueless must be replaced by youthful ministers who can push for economic retrieval with haste.

Some of the young possible candidates I mentioned them in my last article, the likes of Justice Mayor Wadyajena, Winston Chitando, Tatenda Mavetera.

There are a few more names that I can drop – the likes of Dexter Nduna, Yeukai Simbanegavi, John Paradza, Tafanana Zhou.

There are also a few good brains among the opposition ranks. Why not?

We have our own Julius Malema in the likes of Temba Mliswa, young, vibrant, vocal and energetic. But sometimes controversial as well. He is one of those people that make the parliamentary debate interesting.

Let’s take a class from the Christian Church organisation. A good example is the current prominent churches and I’m referring to those that have many congregants at one gathering.

I mean churches led by the youthful and charismatic preachers. I presume I’m not wrong to suggest that they prefer to be called by the title ‘Prophet’.



Ndinotaura Zvandinoda

The reality is that the so called Prophets are preaching from the same old bible, about the same God, same Jesus and same Gospel that every Christian believes in yet people keep flocking to their churches each time the so called prophet takes to the podium.

Although some people will not agree with me because Ndinotaura Zvandinoda – but I believe that most of the charismatic congregants are coming from the so called mainline churches.

Unfortunately, that’s the same reality with our Zimbabwean politics. A lot of people in the opposition were at one point Zanu-PF supporters.

I will not say the same that many people in Zanu-PF party were once in the opposition.
Reality is that opposition thrives on supporters defecting from the ruling party unlike the opposite.

A lot has happened since 2018 election. Year on year there are many youth who are qualifying to vote, since the 2018 harmonised election the outcome cannot be the same in 2023.

Border Gezi

Zanu-PF fails to attract these new electorates, who don’t care about rallies and singing slogans – but access to information and platforms to be heard with the opportunity to get involved to make a difference without fear.

Many, including myself long to return home and transfer skills acquired out here to the next generation to stop the brain drain.

Gone are days of Border Gezi, he was vibrant full of energy and ideas. He always believed in the youths and he hoped that one day the youths will plea to be included in decision making.

Not so long ago, people will remember the overzealous Kudzi Chipanga, hate him or like him but the young man was vigorous and energetic as the Zanu-PF Youth Chair, unfortunately will be remembered for the “Apolojersery”. At least the youth know to wear the “apolojersery” and admit when they erred.

Addlyne Hencil is with Jit-Tv & The Media Box, Mud Hut Consulting, Tinavo Holdings, and Healthcare Infusion Solutions. This column is published in partnership with The Sunday Express. Follow her on social media. Her new programme Ndinotaura Zvandinoda is loading.






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