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The MDC-T is the most powerful political party in Zimbabwe today

This week the the MDC-T President Douglas Mwonzora sat down with The Sunday Express and posed a couple of questions to him. This is what he said: Q: MDC-T is a party feared by many to be close to Zanu PF. This must worry you in terms of image and gaining members The MDCT is the most powerful political party in Zimbabwe. It is a social democratic party guided by indelible values of freedom, justice, equality, democracy, constitutionalism and the respect of the rule of law. It is completely independent of control of any political party or entity. Unlike other parties none of our officials have had any business dealing with Zanu PF. None of our officials have defected to Zanu PF. We do not have Zanu PF officials within our ranks unlike some our colleagues who are controlled by the G40 faction of Zanu PF. Most of our leaders are the founding members of the party with a rich trade union background.

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