Zimbabweans must be reminded that the mushrooming of opposition parties bearing all sorts of names, is indicative of the fractious nature of the Zimbabwean opposition


The right foot forward: by Kennedy Mapesa Mandaza

“I am a repentant who has just come to his political senses. For over 10 years I’ve been in the opposition, it has finally dawned to me that only Zanu PF will save Zimbabwe, only Zanu PF has and continues to empower black people, the party that liberated us from the oppressors, the party that is being punished through sanctions for being pro blacks. I must admit that I was politically lost all along.”

“I’m requesting to join the people’s party. I have a huge following of fellow *Zimbabweans, most of whom are lost as I was.”

“I am offering my services and influence to preserve ZANU PF party and keep growing, especially towards the 2023 elections,” said one member who joined ZANU PF after spending ten years chasing wind with the opposition.

These are not isolated incidents characterising our political landscape these days as a result of the good work of ZANU PF in the Second Republic.

Many Zimbabweans are coming to their senses that ZANU PF is the only party that has the interest of Zimbabweans. In the midst of sanctions called upon by leaders of the MDC at the height of the land reform, perennial droughts and the current Covid 19 pandemic, the ZANU PF government has not abandoned its people.

It continues to proffer tangible solutions to the plight of Zimbabweans and coming up with policies and programs which seek to address challenges the country is facing.

Chebundo and Timveous

In light of the people centred policies of ZANU PF and calls for sustained peace, unity and love among the citizenry, opposition leaders and members, among them Chebundo and Timveous, have come to their senses and tracked back to ZANU PF.

The exodus of opposition members to ZANU PF is real and has become the new norm these days. ZANU PF is living up to its mantra and promise that *ZANU PF ihomwe inokwana munhu wese and let bygones be bygones.*

It is behind these success stories that ZANU PF South Africa has been welcoming members from across the country. ZANU PF SA has welcomed scores of members from universities and business, and professionals in various sectors in South Africa.

Bouyed by the increase in numbers ZANU PF SA recently held a highly successful meeting in Kempton Park to welcome most of its new members in Gauteng.

The thrust of the meeting was mobilisation and strengthening social cohesion among the members, since due to Covid 19 regulations and lockdown, meeting new members had been difficult.

The meeting attracted many of the new members some of whom travelled from Polokwane, Mpumalanga, Benoni, Alberton, Vereeniging, Pretoria and Johannesburg CBD.

ZANU PF requires members to be disciplined and follow the Party constitution. In the meeting it was emphasised that members should be disciplined and preach the good story about ZANU PF and Zimbabwe wherever they are and on social media platforms.

ZANU PF members are supposed to set the agenda of discussion and avoid aiding the opposition through posting or forwarding fake news which seek to promote anarchy and despondency among Zimbabweans.

Zimbabwe has a lot of good stories to tell, a lot of good information to learn from, hence people should avoid spending time on fake negative news peddled by opposition social media trolls.

The 2018 party manifesto, ZANU PF constitution and National Development Strategy 1 (NDS1) should guide members in pursuit of mobilisation and development agenda.


Members in attendance were reminded that the thrust of ZANU PF is now on the youth because they are the future of the country. That is why the Party has adopted deliberate policies and programmes on empowering the youths in both rural and urban areas. Youths in the diaspora should also take their place on the table when the national cake is being shared.

Some important guests

The diaspora remains critical to ZANU PF hence members were urged partake in productive projects that help in the revival of the economy. That is why the ZANU PF government is consistent in saying Zimbabwe is open for business for Zimbabweans and other nationalities.

ZANU PF SA encouraged members to continue to unite the people of Zimbabwe, shun corruption, earn their living through honest hard work and to actively involve themselves in programmes taking place in Zimbabwe.

The meeting was graced by Rutendo Matinyarare the Founder of Zimbabweans United Against US War Sanctions. He encouraged members to understand the impact of sanctions on Zimbabwe. He also reminded comrades that ZANU PF members should be in the lead of telling the good story about the Party and Zimbabwe because there is no other Zimbabwe for Zimbabweans.

As the push to win the hearts and souls of Zimbabweans who have been misled for many years by opposition forces, ZANU PF in South Africa is availing to members Sizanani Social Club, a club formed for the purpose of helping members in times of bereavement and other social challenges.

ZANU PF continues to avail itself as a credible conduit for those who wish to invest and do business in Zimbabwe.

In conclusion ZANU PF South Africa will avail itself in support of initiatives by Zimbabweans in the diaspora.

For that reason it is making a clarion call to all Zimbabweans to take the walk of faith and join ZANU PF, a party with a proven practical history of fighting for the good of the people. It’s the party of choice with the right foot forward.

Zimbabweans must be reminded that the mushrooming of opposition parties bearing all sorts of names, is indicative of the fractious nature of the Zimbabwean opposition and hence need not be trusted to run our beloved country.

As we march towards 2023 elections Zimbabweans are urged not to be hoodwinked by those who over the years have proven that the alternative that they offer is anti-people.

It leaves Zimbabweans with one credible party ZANU PF whose record of listening to the people is impeccable, and whose desire to empower the generality of its people is second to none in the world.

This is the only people that believes that people’s lives matter and have always mattered. Hence the reminder to he people because ZANU PF cares.

Kennedy Mapesa Mandaza is the ZANU PF SA Spokesman and writes in his personal capacity.




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