Battle to communicate with the ancestors where no-one of the bloodline is no longer available



By Wellington Kudiwa


Often, talented or not, many aspiring Zimbabwean musicians have found it pretty hard to make an impact or break-through in their persuit of stardom in the music business.

However, for one Brian Makore, fortune seems to have finally smiled upon him as he has released a banger track titled “Ndasara Ndega”, featuring veteran guitarist Progress Chipfumo, which is recieving very good response from Zimbabwean audience.

The track which is being regularly aired on one of Zimbabwe’s most listened to radio station, National FM, is evident of how hardwork and persevarence has finally off for Makore.

In an interview, Makore noted that teaming up with Progress Chipfumo on their “Ndasara Ndega” collaboration has made him a more experienced and confident musician as he started making music more than a decade ago withou any notable songs due to poor marketing and, obviously, financial hurdles that come along the way in the music industry.

“I started my music career long back but you know how hard and unpredictable the genre is.
Some people have successfuly got recognition within a couple of months and some a couple of years.

So, to get popular in the music business depends on how lucky you are in your life,” he said.




Makore added that “Ndasara Ndega“, is his most successful track recently as he has previously made some collaborations with some of Zimbabwe’s seasoned music veterans in the form of Willom Tight and Knoxx Guni.

“I have made other music collaborations with many accomplished musicians including Knoxx Guni on the track “Chengetedzai Vana” although it did not reach many people because of poor marketing”.

“Also, i proceeded to recorded three more tracks “Ndiudzei“, “Ndizvo Here” and “Ndozviudza Ani?” which talks about a mother’s importance in the family, at Elsie Gweja’s studio here in South Africa” he said.

Makore added that he is currently working on another collaboration with “Nyoka iNyoka” and “Wekumaruzevha” hitmaker, veteran musician Willom Tight, who happens to be his guide in his musical journey.

Furthermore, Makore’s song with Progress Chipfumo is not only entertaining the audience, but educating the Zimbabwean people about the serious problems being faced by those who have lost all their family members to the ruthless arm of death as well.

In the song “Ndasara Ndega”, Makore talks about someone who is grieving about how can he communicate with the ancestors when he has no one to intercede on his behalf because he no longer has any bloodline relative who is still alive.

Also, he speaks about someone who is facingg serious misfortunes which require the help of family members only, yet there is absolutley no-one left to lean on.

Thereby, “Ndasara Ndega” easily relates to a handful of Zimbabweans who are facing similar dilemmas in their own lives.

Despite the deep meaning of Makore’s song, the signature guitar string pulling of veteran musician, Progress Chipfumo, perfectly tops the icing on the cake as he proves his mantle and authority in the Zimbabwean music landscape.

Most probably, Makore’s lion’s tenacity to succeed in music and Chipfumo’s vast experience were the main ingredients that have led to the success of the “Ndasara Ndega” song.

Finally, Makore mentioned that working with Willom Tight and Progress Chipfumo has helped him to improve as a musician.

“When you work with top level musicians you up your game quickly because you have to make sure that your lyrical content and voice melody have to tally with these guys in order to maintain that top class level” he said.

Therefore, only the sky is the limit for Makore as he continues to receive the recognition he rightfully deserves from his Zimbabwean counterparts.

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