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The tragedy of teenage pregnancies is in fuelling the problem of child marriages

In the case of Zimbabwe, the challenges have been compounded by Covid-19 By Patience Nkomo The girl child has always been considered vulnerable in all communities world wide. Though we might try to outlook on both sides and try to portray them equally the girl child will always remain as the most disadvantaged in many cases. Considering that the Covid-19 pandemic has affected every part of youths we find that girls and women have been left under tight situations which can only be cut off by implementing more effective ways that will protect and empower girls and women for a long lasting period. Therefore as TYP we strive to cut off those causes and effects that have been leading to vulnerability of young girls in Zimbabwe. Our aim is to create great future leaders under a clean and safe environment. Looking at the current situation in Zimbabwe you find out that unexpected pregnancies in young women and girls are increasing day by day due to the economic situations and many other factors that have been brought by the pandemic situation. Young people according to some studies identified teenage pregnancy as the main driver of child marriage.

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