We are back at Church, but Covid-19 is still defining how we worship

There is just something about churches that society finds in times of tragedy and hardship By Tanatswa Muyengedzanwa This week we returned to the GUMC Germiston Local Church after a couple of months absence. The absence was forced upon us by Covid-19 pandemic. Church has been known as a place of comfort and hope, where people gather and worship together. In the Bible Jesus preached that Church is a family or community of people dedicated to serving God. “Whoever does the will of my father in heaven is my brother, sister and mother”(Matthew 12:50). Church is more than just entertainment, having large numbers of people attending services or hearing messages of empowerment from the pulpit makes one feel good. Church is the lifeline of any society. Church is a unique place that should instill change in people’s lives. Today humans have acquired much more knowledge than any other time in history.

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