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How often have we allowed a fixed mindset to control the things we do and the choices we make for ourselves? By Lorraine Morris The Power of a Growth Mindset II I hope you enjoyed last weeks teaser on the power of a growth mindset. I wondered how many of my fellow Zimbabweans took a moment to reflect on whether they believe that their traits cannot be changed, or that with progress those traits can indeed change. When we talk about traits we refer to aspects such as intelligence, artistic talents, sports talents, creativity, personal qualities and leadership abilities. I have often heard people say “Hapana zvinochinja, ndokaLife kacho kemuZimbabwe” and when I hear that I think to myself there goes that “Homer Simpson moment” but I have also heard others say “Ndofira mukuTrya” and when I hear that I know that there indeed is a “Growth Mindset moment” in motion. So, I wanted to invite you today to take part in a very short quiz taken out of the book Mindset by Carol Dweck.

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