How often have we allowed a fixed mindset to control the things we do and the choices we make for ourselves?

By Lorraine Morris

The Power of a Growth Mindset II

I hope you enjoyed last weeks teaser on the power of a growth mindset.

I wondered how many of my fellow Zimbabweans took a moment to reflect on whether they believe that their traits cannot be changed, or that with progress those traits can indeed change.

When we talk about traits we refer to aspects such as intelligence, artistic talents, sports talents, creativity, personal qualities and leadership abilities.

I have often heard people say “Hapana zvinochinja, ndokaLife kacho kemuZimbabwe” and when I hear that I think to myself there goes that “Homer Simpson moment” but I have also heard others say “Ndofira mukuTrya” and when I hear that I know that there indeed is a “Growth Mindset moment” in motion.

So, I wanted to invite you today to take part in a very short quiz taken out of the book Mindset by Carol Dweck. As you read through these statements, jot down which you agree with and which you do not agree with?

⦁ You are a certain kind of person and nothing can change that?

⦁ You can always change how intelligent you are substantially through practice?

⦁ You can learn new things, but you can’t change your underlying level of intelligence?

⦁ You can always change basic things about the kind of person that you are?

If you agreed with 1 and 3, then this would mean you are fixed mindset inclined and if you agreed with 2 and 4 then you are growth mindset inclined.

The good news though, is whether your result was fixed or growth no one only has the one, we in actual fact have a combination of the two and dependent on the situation you find yourself in, you may dial up the volume on either of the mindsets.

Allow me to share an example in my own life, I tend to have a fixed mindset in relation to my level of knowledge and competence.

I find myself comparing my abilities with those of another, the words I would say to myself are “I’m not as eloquent in speech like so and so, or I wish I knew more about that topic like so and so”.

“There’s no way I will present at that event if so and so is there”.

By comparing myself to another person I am robbing myself of my very own joy, ability to improve and to learn. Does this resonate with you?

How often have we allowed a fixed mindset to control the things we do and the choices we make for ourselves and those we are responsible for?


Progress is way better than perfection, make it a point to take small steps while aiming for that giant step

So, at Musikana Foundation, one of the things that we are working to do is to help others move away from that feeling of comparison to someone else, that need to prove oneself and convince others of their worth to a belief that we can get better, we can improve, we can learn from our mistakes, and become the best version of ourselves through personal development.

Here are a few tips on how you can move to instilling more of a growth mindset:

⦁ Let go of your self-limiting beliefs – Have you ever said any of these, “I’m too old to do this”, “Ndo tsika dzedu”, “I always make mistakes”, “I cant pursue my dreams because I may fail”, ‘I’m simply not good enough”, “Its too late to pursue my dreams’?

If you answered yes to any of these, or if you have thought of others that you have said before take a few minutes to jot them down and then write down a growth linked, positive and present tense statement that will offset that limiting one.

In my case above, whenever the comparison thief rears its head, I remind myself that “Like everyone else I am a work in progress, kumhanya hakusi kusvika”`

⦁ Know that your abilities can be improved – Progress is way better than perfection, make it a point to take small steps to improve yourself and in the process you will develop new micro-habits. Do not despise the experience that you gain as you do so daily. Some days may not be as easy as others but improve you must. Take time to track that progress too, where were you last week, last month and where are you now and where to next!

⦁ Shift your mindset – Set Big Hairy Audacious Goals and even when it feels a little uncomfortable keep pushing because it means that something is indeed changing!

There’s so much more to this topic… but lets leave it here for now… remember you can change… you just need to want to!



Lorraine Morris is co-founder Musikana Foundation – Instagram @musikanafoundation. Revive and Thrive Hub – Instagram @reviveandthrive_summits



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