When we invest in others, we do not diminish. We grow and multiply by giving


By Spiry Tee


For I am not ashamed, even if I have boasted somewhat too much about the authority that the Lord has given us — authority to build you up, not to tear you down.” (2 Corinthians 10:8 GNB).

Ladies and gentlemen, if you have authority vested in you either by the constitution of the country or by God Almighty, since there is no power but of God, congratulations!

However it is not up to you how you use it. The authority God gives to us comes with an instruction manual. It’s purpose is to build and not to tear down.

You might have authority in the church, in political or social ecosystems of our society, understand that you have a mandate from God to build. Being the head of your family, the leader in your workspace or the head of state, the purpose of authority is constant everywhere: BUILD.

God gave you a part of himself so that you can extend his goodness to your fellow men.

Starting in the church (since judgement must begin in the house of God), social media is awash with audio-visuals of preachers tearing down other preachers. One denomination of the church attacking another. I think it’s a shame.

Paul said that he had authority given to him over the Gentile church and he knew why God gave it to him: to build and not destroy, to bless and not to curse, to heal and not to inflict wounds, to lift and not to trod down, to be the reason people smile and not be the reason of their sorrow. Authority! Do you know why you have it?

It’s sad to see some of our church leaders who have been anointed to protect the sheep but are themselves molesting the sheep in many forms. Have we forgotten that the authority we have is to build?

Some are making it their calling to destroy persons of other ministers of the gospel in the name of “correcting doctrine”. I am certain that we can tear down lies spoken in the name of God and still protect the person so that in the end they may be built.

Preachers, of all people, must understand the meaning of “speaking the truth in love” (Ephesians 4:15).

In our political structure, our political leaders have a great responsibility in shaping the trajectory of our national prosperity. The authority they wield is enormous.



It is true that he that has power to build much good also has the equivalence to destroy much good.

We have seen so much destruction of infrastructure, weakening of state institutions in Zimbabwe, corrosion of the culture of love and sacrifice.

Have our political leaders forgotten that the authority they have to govern is to build and not destroy?

The plunder of natural resources by people who are supposed to protect them is a travesty of lavish proportions.

My leaders, the authority you have is to build!

Build your country, build your town, build your city, build your fellow men. Whatever you do with the authority God gave you, see to it that you build.

Build! Build! Build!

Servant leadership is the result of understanding that the authority we have is to build others. A servant is the one whose pedigree does not matter, his primary role and vision is to ensure things function correctly even if it means getting dirty himself.

Leaders who allow titles that come because of their authority to get into their heads eventually lose the desire to serve. They begin to let the title serve them instead of using the title to serve people

As a result they crush and tear down anyone who fights their supposed position and create enemies instead of creating beneficiaries. From there it’s a downward spiral, they use the power and authority they have to destroy anything on their path. They have forgotten why they started out in the first place. It was to build.

Many presidents, leaders, preachers and others who have had authority started out well but it’s the end of a thing that matters more than the beginning.

Democrats ended up as dictators when they lost the idea of building the nation. Preachers ended up as sex predators and fraudsters when they lost the vision of building believers.

The key to longevity in whatever you have been entrusted to do is maintaining the consciousness that authority is for edification.

When we invest in others, we do not diminish. We grow and multiply by giving. When we scatter we gather.  The law of increase works by subtraction.

May we have the likes of John the baptist who have no appetite for fame, and have no ambition for preeminence but are satisfied when they fulfill that part. Others saw Jesus as competition to John’s ministry, but John refused to let the crowd change him. He said that “He must increase but I must decrease”.

People who create a legacy that lasts have their mind set on building others, from their homes to their continents to their world. It’s time to build Zimbabwe.

Spiry Tee is the lead pastor at Breathe Ministries. He writes a daily devotional available at breatheministries.online.





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