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The Best Foot Forward: The beautiful story of Zimbabwe is not told properly in the Second Republic

The list of shining projects successfully implemented in the Second Republic is inexhaustive By Kennedy Mandaza The beautiful story of Zimbabwe under the Second Republic is never told for the benefit of both the local and international people in order for them to make objective conclusions. The narrative that often hogs the limelight is that of government that is insensitive and anti-people. This is the narrative that the opposition people and their often put out in the public domain deliberately to hoodwink innocent Zimbabweans and send a wrong message to would be investors that Zimbabwe is not a safe destination for investment. The recent shifting in the political sands in favour of ZANU PF is true evidence that even the leaders in the opposition, those who have a conscience and are not self serving, are beginning to see that lies have short legs. Sooner or later people will begin to see the results of the hardwork and people centred policies and programs being implemented by the government in the Second Republic. As a result, members of the opposition are dumping their bases for ZANU PF, because not doing so now, will see them being dumped by the people

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