The list of shining projects successfully implemented in the Second Republic is inexhaustive

By Kennedy Mandaza



The beautiful story of Zimbabwe under the Second Republic is never told for the benefit of both the local and international people in order for them to make objective conclusions.

The narrative that often hogs the limelight is that of government that is insensitive and anti-people.

This is the narrative that the opposition people and their often put out in the public domain deliberately to hoodwink innocent Zimbabweans and send a wrong message to would be investors that Zimbabwe is not a safe destination for investment.

The recent shifting in the political sands in favour of ZANU PF is true evidence that even the leaders in the opposition, those who have a conscience and are not self serving, are beginning to see that lies have short legs.

Sooner or later people will begin to see the results of the hardwork and people centred policies and programs being implemented by the government in the Second Republic.

As a result, members of the opposition are dumping their bases for ZANU PF, because not doing so now, will see them being dumped by the people in 2023 in the dustbins of political history.

Besides the clarion call by the ZANU PF President and First Secretary Cde ED Mnangagwa for unity, peace and love among Zimbabweans, the policies and programs his government have been implementing are yielding phenomenal results.

This is the beautiful story that Zimbabweans should be engaged in on a daily basis.

This beautiful story including the resurfacing of locally produced products in the supermarket and other retail shops.
Despite the negative impact of Covid 19 on the economy, during lockdown Zimbabwe saw an increase in locally produced products coming from our industries.



The opening up of the economy due to the easing of the lockdown measures will see an increase in production and availability of locally produced products courtesy of the policies of the government which is supportive to business initiatives.

Transportation was for many years being a challenge in urban centres.

Since 2018 the government of President Mnangagwa has ensured that they have improved transportation by bringing in a total of 212 buses in urban areas. Of these 83 new buses are dedicated to civil servants transport as part of government efforts of giving non-monetary benefits to the public servants.

While acknowledging that there is more that still to be done in the transport sector, what the government has done so far is a good story to tell.

Many people have often complained about the economic development in the Matabeleland region as well as the perennial water challenges in the City of Bulawayo.

There is a beautiful story to tell about Matabeleland from the Second Republic. The government has taken a deliberate stance to ensure that outstanding issues are addressed.

The Nyamandlovu Aquifer/Epping Forest Bulawayo water supply project was recently opened by His Excellency President Mnangagwa. In addition the Gwayi Shangani Dam wall construction and Bulawayo water pipeline are at 60% and 20% respectively.

This should be recorded as a beautiful story as the government under the Second Republic has shown its endeavor to complete these projects soon to ensure that the water problems of Matabeleland and Bulawayo in particular are a thing of the past. What a beautiful story to tell.

The influx of cars be it from Japan or elsewhere require modern roads.

The beautiful story is government using locally mobilised resources is at various stages in rehabilitating, dualising and expanding the Harare-Chirundu Highway and the Harare-Beitbridge roads.

Their completion will see an easy flow of traffic which use Zimbabwe as a gateway to and from the SADC region to South Africa. The fact that the government is using locally mobilised resources and finances makes the beautiful story loud and captivating.


The list of these projects successfully implemented in the Second Republic is inexhaustive. To the list you can include the expansion of the Beitbridge border post, the building of the Mt. Hampden New City in which there is the new national Parliament building complex, and the expansion of Hwange Power Station Unit 7 and 8 so that the electricity situation is improved.

The beautiful story cannot be finished without mentioning the highly successful 2029-2021 farming season under the Pfumvudza program. There is no doubt that there is going to be a bumper harvest this year which will help in food security and foreign currency reserves.

Thanks to the proactive planning by government and the opening of the heavens to ensure that we have adequate rains which the farmers were able to take advantage of.

Such is the beautiful story that the government of President Mnangagwa has put out in the public domain that despite the challenges, a government that has people at height will do all it can to serve its people.

ZANU PF under President Mnangagwa continues to demonstrate this hence the sudden influx of members joining ZANU PF both in the diaspora and in Zimbabwe.

Recent high profile figures who joined ZANU PF from the opposition MDC outfits is a confirmation that the Second Republic is breathing life back into the country.

Any patriotic peace loving Zimbabwean with a desire to uplift the lives of the people will surely join and participate in pursuing vision 2030 which seeks to have an empowered and Prosperous middle income society.

This the good story that we need to tell and there no other better way of doing so other than joining the sure foot forward, ZANU PF.

The Best Foot Foward – a collection of weekend newspaper columns – is published with Kennedy Mapesa Mandaza the Spokesman of Zanu-PF SA in The Sunday Express.

The shifting sands of our politics is shown by those who were lost – but now joining the party




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