The scope for a public-private-community sector partnership with the Beit Bridge modernisation project

CEO of Zimborders, Francois Diedrechsen said: "We have already “received the support of a range of financial institutions on this critical infrastructure project” By Dr Eddie Mahembe Last week I wr0te to the Sunday Express and spoke about  the importance of the Beitbridge border post to the economy of Zimbabwe in general and the Zimbabwean travelling public in particular,  and whether it would be ideal to involve them in the modernisation of this critical infrastructure? The link to that introduction is provided on this article. What are the advantages of involving citizens not only at participation level, but at funding that massive infrastructure project? In Part I of this series, published on the 13th of March 2021, we are argued that the most urgent generational call for this generation of Africans is to come up with solutions to the socio-economic challenges of our time. The previous generation delivered political freedom and this generation must deliver socio-economic development. One of the solutions proposed in this two-part series is to involve citizens in the development of their nations, especially the construction of key infrastructure. Citizens cannot just be spectators, watching foreigners building dams, bridges, border posts, etc.

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