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Obligations of government, and those of citizens should be in line with the Constitution: TPF

Zimbabwe under The Patriotic Front: 3 Political and Social sphere Essentials By Andrew Nyathi I continue from where I left off in The Sunday Express last week. Our politics is made to be complex, but if you take time to look at things openly, it is actually straight forward. The Law and the Constitution The term “Rule of Law” is a popular one. But it was used and can be used to propagate and justify racism, tribalism, greedy and plunder. TPF prefers the term “Create a just legal system” and constitutional system that promotes inclusivity like the proportional representation. Few of us are Roman or Dutch, but we have a system of Roman-Dutch Law. More to the point, the fees demanded by lawyers for one hour are more than most Zimbabweans earn in a month. Therefore, the law as it stands is only for the rich.

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