By Andrew Nyathi


I continue from where I left off in The Sunday Express last week. Our politics is made to be complex, but if you take time to look at things openly, it is actually straight forward.

The Law and the Constitution

The term “Rule of Law” is a popular one. But it was used and can be used to propagate and justify racism, tribalism, greedy and plunder. TPF prefers the term “Create a just legal system” and constitutional system that promotes inclusivity like the proportional representation.

Few of us are Roman or Dutch, but we have a system of Roman-Dutch Law. More to the point, the fees demanded by lawyers for one hour are more than most Zimbabweans earn in a month. Therefore, the law as it stands is only for the rich. This must change.

When TPF becomes the governing party of Zimbabwe there will be a Special Commission to create a completely new legal system.

In the meantime, the people of Zimbabwe in 2013 voted for a new Constitution, but the unwise government is not implementing that Constitution although it is supposed to be the fundamental law of the country. The amazing thing is instead they are even contemplating amending it, creating an unnecessary possibility to amend it again once the incumbent loses power. Let us consider just one important factor here.

As we said at the beginning, almost everything else we are proposing relates to the building of the economy.

Many of our most skilled people will never return to build Zimbabwe if they are required to renounce their hard-won foreign citizenship.

Our Constitution allows for dual citizenship, but only too rich persons who can afford expensive court fees to obtain their Constitutional rights.

What is the good of a right if it cannot be exercised? The involvement of the Zimbabwean diaspora in re-building our economy is essential if we are to move forward.

The implementation of our new Constitution can be considered as the first step forward in the creation of a just legal system.


A Zimbabwean:

TPF will look at every citizen who loves and works for Zimbabwe and call them-self a Zimbabwean, that that person will be affirmed as such, without any discrimination of any kind. In fact, it will be a punishable offence to be derogative towards other citizens.
TPF pledge principles of service to the people of Zimbabwe.

Governance charter

The TPF Government will put people’s interests first at the centre of all services
Employees, Civil servants will be expected to work with dedication, skill, efficiency and effectiveness.

They will be expected to serve all the people with respect, quality and dignity.
TPF in Government will ensure that all languages are treated equally and develop a central languages interpretation service.

All will strive and maintain orderliness wherever we are as priority when serving our people. Provide adequate security and safety for all. All will be allowed to participate and compete fairly in any activities.


Obligations of government and obligations of Citizens

To discharge the responsibilities of the state in accordance with the constitution

To discharge the responsibility of the state; respecting, promoting and protecting responsibilities and human and civil rights, without distinction of any kind, such as ethnicity, race, language, religion, sex, political or other opinion etc.

To implement, together with the citizens, the programme of political democratization, as well as economic and social development programme;

To develop infrastructure (roads, railways, telecommunications, research as well as the development institutions etc).

To formulate policies and enact laws which will enable citizens to discharge their responsibilities of developing towards a democratic state.

To eradicate corruption in all its forms and never tolerate it, as this undermines the dignity and worth of a people.

To ensure fair distribution of income, equal access to basic resources (e.g. finance, capital, water, land, production skills as well as equal opportunity for productive employment and

Introduce responsibility and rights education in the education system in the country.

Running production units will form part of the education system of a TPF’s governance
Human and civil rights education is important for the development of a democratic state as well as a democratic and responsible society.

Laziness shall be regarded as the arch enemy of good life

From each according to one’s ability and to each according one’s contribution
Participation in the development of a democratic state for the realization of (his/her) talents and rights.

Every citizen to respect, promote and defend responsibilities and rights of others

Every citizen to be loyal to the democratic state and obey it’s just legal system

Every citizen will be expected to cultivate a sense of duty such as honest, diligence and hardworking. Laziness shall be regarded as the arch enemy of good life.

A TPF government together with all citizens are to fight against corruption

TPF will ensure that there is emphasis on needs-based training and education for all youths as well as techno-preneurship as the foundation for job creation.

On the natural resources, TPF understands too well that our livelihood and welfare depend on the natural resources found in the country and therefore must be used with care to get maximum benefits for all generations. We will also take steps to promote gender equality and equity with ultimate goal of 50 – 50 participation in all spheres of life.

Political Parties

TPF believes that political parties must work together. To change the current rot and greed.

To place Zimbabwe interests above their own party.

To renounce violence as a means of gaining or maintaining power

To agree to differ on the ideology, strategies and tactics but

To agree on the desire and determination to place prosperity of Zimbabwe above all else

To agree to engage for as long as is desirous and in pursuit of a better and beautiful Zimbabwe.

The enemy of the people of Zimbabwe is ignorance, poverty, unemployment, disease, under-development and kleptocracy and no other political formations.

To agree that building the economy and build Zimbabwe nationhood are two central issues that need urgent attention.

In conclusion

TPF disdains any traumas caused to any Zimbabwean as a result of political or military involvement before and after independence.

Violence against a fellow human being is wrong irrespective of what the violence is for.
That is why Dr Joshua Nkomo always preferred talking about talks. For this a national healing programme is required that will run simultaneously with the nation building programme.

Values we take to other Formations.

We are progressive and solution focused.

We follow democratic processes, transparency, teamwork and collective leadership.

We promote tolerance amongst peoples and communities at large.

Social sphere Essentials

Social Sphere Essentials


As Zimbabweans we can claim to be the best educated people in the region. Zimbabweans, on the whole, have a good reputation as workers. But how deep is our understanding of the world around us?

Does our education system impart knowledge?

Do we respect and use all our languages equally?

Starting at crèche, primary school level, there must be a balance between facts that simply have to be learned and the encouragement of creative thinking. There also has to be a balance between theory and practice.

If we are to move forward, our education will be able to produce creative scientific thinkers whose skills can be used in national development.

We further have to make room for those with limited formal education but possess good practical skills to be able to advance in their particular fields including people living with disabilities.

We need to create a reading environment – and not one limited only to those books needed to pass exams.

Memorising, parroting and cramming are not knowledge.

We need to create an educational environment where knowledge and creativity are regarded as the same as Certificates and Diplomas if not more important.

It is our informed intellectuals who shall play a decisive role in our national development.


Despite the fact that Zimbabwe is a poor country (at least at present) this does not mean that we should be unhealthy. Zimbabweans must have a life expectancy which is high and an infant mortality rate which is lower.

We aim to have more doctors per head of the population than any other country – but the biggest secret is environmental health, healthy lifestyle and healthy diet. Farming plays a critical role here.

In TPF, we believe that we should establish District Health Committees; we must encourage the building of Blair toilets and the creation of nutrition gardens.

These must be used not only for the growing of healthy fruit and vegetables but also for the growing of traditional and foreign curative herbs.

These can be used to cure minor ailments. Serious medical problems can be then referred to a doctor. In some remote rural areas, we will establish mobile clinics.

The most important factor in promoting hygiene is the availability of clean water. This brings us back to the recent covid 19 pandemic. All our problems are inter-related.

The vision of TPF, then, is not to do things for the people – like to buy few bags of mealie-meal to win votes. The vision of TPF is to work together with the people in building a scientifically planned economic activities in an environment of co-operation and hard work.

Our country is the mother to all and TPF vision is the father to all. TPF is the only scientific revolutionary technological modern party for the people of Zimbabwe.
A TPF government will establish / improve the social security and safety nets for vulnerable sections of the population.

For this week ngizoyibamba kanjalo. Till next week. Stay tuned to The Sunday Express.

Andrew Nyathi is former Zipra Commissar. He is Secretary General of the Patriotic Front (TPF). The views expressed do not represent the editorial policy of The Sunday Express



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