A mandate to unite Zimbabwe, a mandate full of values and progress

By Makomborero Bure

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a conspicuous loss of human life across nations and still presents an unprecedented strain to public health, food systems and wealth generating activities.

Being a Zimbabwean living in the South Africa I have witnessed families that had a fair standard of living being reduced to seeking aid.

Several families have either a spouse working as a waiter or Uber driver to which end these two activities are heavily reliant on the tourism industry. The persistent lockdowns and the slowing down of the economy did not spare the tourism industry.

Resultantly, several Zimbabweans were pushed to the edge, left with no option other than returning home to Zimbabwe.

To us who are have managed to hang on in the diaspora it meant for the first time we were going to hear a narrative and comparison of life in the diaspora and life in Zimbabwe.

Surely, the narrative of our beloved Zimbabwe was now going to get a fresh critique.

People who had experienced life elsewhere were now returning home and these people would act as a good barometer and could compare life in the diaspora and life in Zimbabwe.

Within a very short of space of time the majority started to confirm that livelihood has very much changed under the new dispensation and the leadership of Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa. The majority of the people regret ever leaving Zimbabwe in the first place.

Diaspora returnees

Peers they left years ago were now miles ahead in terms of personal development and living a decent lives than that diaspora returnees did not have after seeking “greener pastures”.

My personal experience when I visited my former secondary school, I found a whole car park full of cars. Immediately my mind thought, perhaps it was some open day or parents meeting taking place.

After enquiring with the security personnel at the gate he confirmed that all the cars belonged to schoolteachers at the school.

This was never the norm when I learnt at this school. We were only exposed to having only one or two cars in the car park and usually these would be belonging to the headmaster and one lucky teacher.

Things have surely changed, even the ordinary civil servant is driving. I was even pleased to learn that the school had even managed to buy four new buses and two pick-up trucks.

Surely ZANU-PF is the best way forward.

Driving home had become a nightmare, it is clear that the new depensation is working flat out to rehabilitate roads.
Several roads are getting the much needed attention and this will make our roads safe again.

It is clear, our nation is poised for greatness. We must do what we know is right and do it with all our might. Let history say of us: “These were golden years – when Zimbabwe was reborn, when the new dispensation gained new life, and Zimbabwe reached for her best.

From the new dispensation will spring new opportunities for growth, a more productive, fulfilled, and united people, and a stronger Zimbabwe – a Zimbabwe that will lead the black emancipation revolution in Africa.

The President has indeed moved to open our mind and heart and soul to the treasures of literature, music, and poetry, and the values of faith, courage, and love. The arts industry that was never recognised has started to enjoy fruits of having a listening President.

Soul Musaka (Soul Jah Love) was conferred provincial hero status with Anne Nhira getting a state assisted funeral. This to me points to a leader who is in touch with the people.

ZANU-PF is the best way forward

ZANU-PF is the best way forward.

We hear of partnerships with business to create the dynamic economy, the competitive economy ever since the President took office.

ZUPCO – a parastatal that was on its knees has since got new life. Not only ZUPCO is getting attention. ZANU-PF has pledged to revamp all the parastatals and make then profitable and sustainable again.

We are also seeing deliberate effort that seeks to restore trust in politics in our country. A new type of politics that gives people hope. Taking politics back to when is and always was about the service of the public.

Furthermore, ZANU-PF is working, too, to give this country strength and confidence in leadership both at home and abroad.

Even in his opening speech as president it was clear that Zimbabwe was going to reengage countries that our relationship with these countries had broken down.

ZANU-PF has recommitted itself to strong values, the values of justice and progress and community. ZANU-PF has indeed shown courage to embrace new ideas necessary to make those values live again for today’s world.

By so doing ZANU-PF becomes a party of practical measures in pursuit of noble causes and this has been the objective for the people of Zimbabwe.

Above all, with ZANU-PF, we have secured a mandate to bring this nation together, to unite us, one Zimbabwe, one nation in which our ambition for ourselves is matched by our sense of compassion and decency and duty towards other people. Simple values, but the right ones.




Makomborero Bure writes in his personal capacity. Makomborero Bure is the Secretary for Administration for Cape District South Africa.






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