Zanu-PF rolls out Chitepo School of Ideology four-day Easter programme for Zim-SA party structures

Party had noted with grave concern - cases where people were engaging in unbecoming behaviour during contestations for positions Zimbabwe Digital Express The Zanu-PF Chitepo School of Ideology is holding arguably its first ideology workshops for the Zim diaspora this week, with some of them to be led by Zanu-PF political commissars. It emerged this week that Zimbabwe's ruling Zanu-PF is sending tutors to South Africa to take the party's cadres back to school this weekend - to the Chitepo School of Ideology - after finding that most of its new recruits did not understand the ideology of the party. Sources close to the arrangements told Zimbabwe Digital Express that the ruling party has a full programme for its South Africa district branch for the Easter weekend. This after instruction came through from Zanu-PF headquarters that the party had absorbed many new members in the Zim-SA diaspora in recent months, creating a need to not only renew revolutionary party patriotism, but also bring new understanding of the Zanu-PF ideology within some members. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); The party had morphed over the years, making strides in the battle to stay ahead of social media technologies. Led by the

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