We are aware of the conflict zone in Cabo Delgado, but we are not aware of ZNA deployment

This week the Sunday Express caught up with top Zimbabwe opposition leader Douglas Mwonzora, leader of the MDC Alliance, and asked him a few questions about Zimbabwe's conduct of foreign affairs in recent months. This is what he said. Mozambique is boiling over, just across our border to the East. Your thoughts? We are aware of the war that has erupted in Cabo Delgado. As early as 2018, as a member of the Senate Thematic Committee on Peace and Security I exorted the government to pay attention to the sad developments in Mozambique. I was largely ignored. The developments in Mozambique will have a profound effect on Zimbabweans especially those living along the border with Mozambique. Newspapers are saying that Zimbabwe has got boots on the ground in Mozambique? We are not aware of the deployment of Zimbabwean forces in Mozambique. The constitution of Zimbabwe provides in Section 213(3) provides for the circumstances under which the President may authorize the deployment of armed forces. Our own view is that there must be peace in Mozambique.

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