Happy April everyone. Remember that change is within touching distance

Many a times when we feel a sense of pain whilst learning, it is a signal that we are doing something new By Lorraine Morris Welcome this week to - The Power of Growth: Take Four - the latest instalment of how we are unlocking the power of your own growth and the quest to find new perspectives and new meaning to daily life situations. I’m optimistic that your growth game is getting stronger by the week. I would like to start today by busting a myth that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. The truth of the matter is that: depending on the behaviour, munhu wacho and the circumstances - it takes between 21 days to 250 days for a new habit to actually be formed But on the bright side, every step you take each week to make a change in your mindset leads to building that new habit. So focus on the goal you have set before you and keep running with it. I would like us to talk about the learn, unlearn and relearn cycle as part of our journey to growth.

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