Many times the types of excuses are not even worth the time to entertain

By Doris Charliee Banda

The No More Excuse For Me book by Mr Dongo was released in February 2021 and the book has sold over 200 copies globally.

The book consists of seven chapters that are changing lives of individuals as well as entrepreneurs who had excuses causing them not to be successful.

The book draws its focus on people making excuses that cause them not to be the best versions of themselves and holds their capability because they think they don’t deserve to accomplish a certain goal because of their circumstance.

In Chapter 5 Mr Dongo discussed some common types of excuses one tends to make that leads to failure in life and eventually live a substandard life full of excuses.

Here are some of the reasons that are not even necessary but people allow these excuses to hold them and prevent themselves from achieving greatest success.

I do not have time
I don’t make enough money
I cannot because I have kids
I don’t have an education
I don’t know how
This is who I am, I cannot change
I am destined for failure
I am bad luck

These are some types of excuses that most people make that are listed in chapter 5 however Mr Dongo has also provided solutions these excuses.

The “No Excuses For Me” have changed the life of Mr Santos in the Phillipines who recently started his own transport company after reading the book and getting some coaching on his business.

He learnt the most important lesson that: “There is no such thing as, “I am cursed or I have a bad luck in life”.

He tried so many things without succeeding and he jumped into conclusions that he had a very bad luck until he got hold of this amazing piece of word by Mr M Dongo.

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