Happy 41st independence week Zimbabwe. A good story worth talking about

Zimbabwe Independence Day is a great time to reflect abpolut the true significance of this week, and April 18 in particular By Kennedy Mapesa Mandaza Sunday 18 April this year millions of Zimbabweans from all walks of life will brave the weather to celebrate the most important and cherished day in the history of Zimbabwe, the day on which the Union Jack was lowered down and given to Prince Charles and the beautiful Zimbabwean flag hoisted, marking the birth of our motherland Zimbabwe. It is the day when Zimbabwe saw vestiges of colonialism being thrown in the dustbin of history, as the much desired freedom from the oppressive rule of the white minority was ushered in. The freedom we celebrate came at high cost and pain.

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This week - April 18 - The Sunday Express is running a supplement to mark the Zimbabwe at 41 celebrations.

The theme for this year's celebration is: Zim@41: Together Growing our Economy for a Prosperous, Resilient and Inclusive Society

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