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(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); Entrepreneurs are problem hunters. Walking around with a sniffer dog, looking for problems they can solve By Aubrey Mavhuli Who wants to earn money? I have never been a sensational writer before, but this calls for a bit of it. There is an open secret many people seem to miss quite often. "You got to learn before you earn", somebody said, not me. I do concur. The question is what should you learn. Learn all you can and apply all you can to earn all you can. This is why our elders said: "Experience is the best teacher", which I partly disagree with though. Experience can't be the best teacher. Not for everything. But it still qualifies for a good teacher though. The best I leave it for one and only true master teacher: Jesus the King of Glory. I am not preaching yet so don't shout "Amen" yet. If you wanna be a doctor you must study medicine right! If you wanna be a lawyer you study law right? What if you want to earn money what should you study? You see right there I sense the confusion.

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