Entrepreneurs are problem hunters. Walking around with a sniffer dog, looking for problems they can solve

By Aubrey Mavhuli

Who wants to earn money?

I have never been a sensational writer before, but this calls for a bit of it. There is an open secret many people seem to miss quite often.

“You got to learn before you earn”, somebody said, not me. I do concur. The question is what should you learn. Learn all you can and apply all you can to earn all you can.

This is why our elders said: “Experience is the best teacher”, which I partly disagree with though.

Experience can’t be the best teacher. Not for everything. But it still qualifies for a good teacher though. The best I leave it for one and only true master teacher: Jesus the King of Glory. I am not preaching yet so don’t shout “Amen” yet.

If you wanna be a doctor you must study medicine right! If you wanna be a lawyer you study law right? What if you want to earn money what should you study? You see right there I sense the confusion. I know and I am nowhere near a prophet. I am a writer of words.

Study money. Should I study accounts or finance or economics someone asked me the other day? I said ‘no’ though it would assist you a whole lot if you could study the nature of money.

Money is just a form of exchange. But an exchange for what! For value. And what does value look like?” someone else asked?

“Value looks like problems solved,” I responded.

If you could look for enough problems that really matter to people, the people whose problems really matter a lot to them will have a budget for the solution.

Entrepreneurs therefore are problem hunters. Walking around with a sniffer dog for problems they can solve. Don’t worry about problems you can’t solve there is a generous amount of problems in the world. But find those that you can solve, those that you can learn to solve, and can learn to earn your portion.

So in closing of my thoughts for the day. If you want to earn, learn. Learn what? Learn problem-solving.

Don’t run away from problems you will always come second, problems in front and winning.


Writing and earning at the same time


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