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This is not Mozambique’s problem alone, and SADC must act decisively on the insurgency

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); We have to confront acts of terrorism in Africa not tomorrow - but today. What happened to pro-activity and military intelligence? By Terrence Mwedzi The ongoing attacks by the Islamic terrorists in Mozambique have reached alarming levels and l would like to urge the SADC to act swiftly - as per their communique this week. At this stage what is needed is a double-action to silence the evil rebels that are wreaking havoc in Northern Mozambique, not countless meetings because this is a serious matter. Reports say that dozens of people (foreign nationals included) have been killed to date - which is sad. Blood did not have to spill before we waited to call a meeting. I think action must be taken because our region will be under threat - just like Nigeria and Cameroon. These evil rebels must be fished out and dealt with mercilessly. Mozambique is a breeding ground for rebels in our region because some years ago, there was another civil war in Mozambique caused by the group called Renamo. At the time Renamo was a militant organisation and political movement.

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