We have to confront acts of terrorism in Africa not tomorrow – but today. What happened to pro-activity and military intelligence?

By Terrence Mwedzi

The ongoing attacks by the Islamic terrorists in Mozambique have reached alarming levels and l would like to urge the SADC to act swiftly – as per their communique this week.

At this stage what is needed is a double-action to silence the evil rebels that are wreaking havoc in Northern Mozambique, not countless meetings because this is a serious matter. Reports say that dozens of people (foreign nationals included) have been killed to date – which is sad. Blood did not have to spill before we waited to call a meeting.

I think action must be taken because our region will be under threat – just like Nigeria and Cameroon. These evil rebels must be fished out and dealt with mercilessly.

Mozambique is a breeding ground for rebels in our region because some years ago, there was another civil war in Mozambique caused by the group called Renamo.

At the time Renamo was a militant organisation and political movement. People agree with me that The Mozambican National Resistance (Renamo) committed many atrocities such as burning people alive in buses.


The recent history will tell us that Renamo fought a civil war with the FRELIMO government until the signing of the Rome General Peace Accords in 1992.

Foreign support for the rebels eroded with the rise of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe and the abolition of apartheid in South Africa. In the course of renewed negotiations, the FRELIMO government instituted a new constitution, making Mozambique a multiparty state with periodic elections and guaranteed democratic rights.


Since then, support for Renamo has waned in Mozambique elections, and its leader Afonso Dhlakama in October 2012 began retraining aging veterans demanding “a new political order”.

This followed complaints that the political system was not sufficiently inclusive and that the proceeds of economic development were not being shared fairly.

Renamo turned to arms once again, citing fears for the safety of its leader. It is shocking and disheartening that today we have another group; a foreign terrorist organisation – which is more dangerous than Renamo militants because they use explosives, machetes and the latest firearms to conduct lethal attacks.

What is the root cause of all this? Are the resources not equally shared? Personally, l think the troops from our regional countries must be sent into Mozambique to crush those ISIS as a matter of urgency – not technical teams.

If truth be told, this is serious terrorism and should be condemned in all forms. I hope this matter had been finalised at the SADC level, and decisively. The security troika meeting held in Maputo this week must be seen to be effective.

We need peace in Africa

We have to confront acts of terrorism in Africa not tomorrow – but today. What happened to pro-activity and military intelligence?

In this vein, the African Union(AU) and SADC should take such matters seriously.

They (AU and SADC) have all the necessary tools to stop such acts of terrorism in Africa. So what’s the problem exactly?

And the international community should not be involved – we have to deal with our own problems in Africa – that’s what l think. The situation in Mozambique is very worrying, but not impossible.

The international community is slowly realising that the issue of terrorism is not only a Mozambique problem but a global problem. A swift and the coordinated global response is needed to confront the band of terrorists, whose only goal is to inflict pain and poverty into a population that is already in distress.”- stated NJ Ayuk, Executive Chairman of African Energy.

Let’s be honest. Who is funding those rebels? Western governments – l think. And those who are after minerals.
In contrast, it is time for Africans to silence guns in Africa and peace must govern.

Amnesty International stressed that: “Al-Shabaab is primarily a homegrown group fighting over local issues, an insurgency sparked by the long term under-investment in Muslim majority province by the central government.”

It is believed that this group of terrorists in Mozambique uses Jihadist ideology. On the other hand, Islamist ideologies are said to have been growing in Cabo Delgado for years. People are now living in great fear. Things are now worse.

Mozambique, according to official data has a Muslim minority out of a total population of 29.5m. This is the second group after Catholics(28.2%), with other Christian groups making up most of the rest.

It is my fervent hope that things we will return to normalcy in Mozambique, and the need emphasised of permanent peace and long-lasting solutions. Down with Terror.



Terrence Mwedzi is a writer and poet, based in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. He writes to the Digital Sunday Express in his personal capacity and can be contacted on: +27611370088




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