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In our technology feature this week we profile ZimbaEats, an innovative door-to-door grocery delivery service that seeks to promote Zimbabwean products among communities living in the diaspora.

Proudly263 CEO Stan Makwara released audio recordings and marketing material this week saying: ZimbaEats was not just another whatsapp group on the Proudly263Global platform – but was a way of adding value support to Zimbabwean products in the diaspora.

“We give so much support to the Pakistani shops, and we give so much support to the Somali shops and products and so on. But what about our community, the Zim products, and the Zim manufacturers. Who is thinking about that?

“Who is taking care of the products that are made in Zimbabwe here in SA. So what we are saying as ZimbaEats, is that we want to create an awareness, we want to buy those products. So that if you spend at least R500 on Zimbabwean brands each and every month in your shopping basket – by buying Zimbabwean brands alone, then you have bought local.

“And as a commitment to building the nation of Zimbabwe. Because one day you are going to go to Zimbabwe and say: what was I doing to support Brand Zimbabwe? And you can say that: I was buying the products that were coming from there, supporting Brand Zimbabwe one way or another, directly or indirectly.”


“Most of the times many of us want to compare the prices, we tend to shy away from the pricing. Remember that ZimbaEats is going to deliver to your house, we are going to give you your hamper, pre-packaged in a basket. Imagine if all the Zimbabweans in South Africa dedicate only a 1/3 or 1/2 of their grocery list to products from Zimbabwe.

“How much effect or impact directly on employment would that have on our struggling industries in Zimbabwe? Because if there is higher demand for purely Zimbabwean products here is South Africa, it means there is going to be more manufacturing of those products in Zimbabwe. We want to place a high demand for products here is SA. It’s simple really, we increase the demand through ZimbaEats.”

Nyimo, mufushwa, madora… we will have it all

“You don’t have to go to the shops anymore to look for Zimbabwean brands. You simply place the order through us specify quantities, you make a payment, and we deliver. Or you can place your order, and you can pay cash when we deliver the order to your door, after you have received the groceries in your basket. You can eWallet, or use other payment methods.”

“So if you are craving mufushwa, or nyimo, or madora, you name it ZimbaEats will have it. Much more important we have partnered with Kariba Bream. This is one of the best fishes in the world, delicious, its not a manga manga fish. And it is being offered at a very good price.

“Remember it’s no longer just about the price of the goods anymore, but we are trying to get the best price for the buyers, there may be adjustments here and there as we roll out. But people must remember that the point is not about worrying that we are trying to rip people off. We are not trying to make a fortune out of people that may be struggling already.

“But what we are saying is that by buying Zimbabwe, see the bigger picture. That is why we have partnered with Kariba Bream, and even other suppliers who are offering the Zimbabwean foods to say, let’s support our own. It’s no use crying about expired foods that we get from other communities, and many of those products that are not coming through our value chain. Buy Zimbabwe,” Makwara said.


ZimbaEats had noted that Zimbabweans in the diaspora could not throw a genuine Zimbabwean or African party – if the food that was served there was made in Pakistan or other sources (for instance). While many people had found that co-ordinating group meals could be stressful if your guests are hungry and time for shopping is not on your side, that’s where ZimbaEats was coming through.

ZimbaEats said that the launch of the new feature will allow users to order a diversity of products for large amounts of people using one account.

According to Proudly263Global users can access the new feature joining Proudly263 communities, and making a difference by ordering from as little as R399/month off a Zim-themed grocery basket.

By sharing the group link, users can streamline individual ordering and focus on spending time with on other things while they are waiting for their order.

Here’s how it works:

1. Users join Proudly263Global Community in your region/area, and then click on the ZimbaEats group icon. Number 084 664 5731
2. Place your order, or make inquiries.
3. Pay and track the delivery of the order.
4. Get a message that your basket has arrived at your doorstep


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