ZimbaEats unveils door-to-door grocery deliveries in SA to support Buy Zimbabwe Campaign

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); Zimbabwe Digital Express, Consumer News In our technology feature this week we profile ZimbaEats, an innovative door-to-door grocery delivery service that seeks to promote Zimbabwean products among communities living in the diaspora. Proudly263 CEO Stan Makwara released audio recordings and marketing material this week saying: ZimbaEats was not just another whatsapp group on the Proudly263Global platform - but was a way of adding value support to Zimbabwean products in the diaspora. "We give so much support to the Pakistani shops, and we give so much support to the Somali shops and products and so on. But what about our community, the Zim products, and the Zim manufacturers. Who is thinking about that? "Who is taking care of the products that are made in Zimbabwe here in SA. So what we are saying as ZimbaEats, is that we want to create an awareness, we want to buy those products. So that if you spend at least R500 on Zimbabwean brands each and every month in your shopping basket - by buying Zimbabwean brands alone, then you have bought local. "And as a commitment to building the nation of Zimbabwe.

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