The BNC is a massive team. If it wasn’t for them, I would still be dreaming without any action

By Doris Charlie Banda

Mogale Molala is an NLP and Master Practitioner Author and Entrepreneur.

He refers to himself as the Pain Coach after having struggled for almost 2 years trying to get his book (The Untold Truth About Pain) published his breakthrough came in 2020.

He had a very tough upbringing that he explains in detail in the book and some unpleasant incidents some of which almost took his life at a very young age but he decided to start writing and find a way to express his feelings and also help other people overcome pain and tackle down on all life challenges.

“A person who doesn’t know doesn’t know that he doesn’t know until he knows that he doesn’t know” unknown Mogale now lives by this quote and it has also helped him to follow his dreams and it came to life when he met Mr M Dongo.

Mogale thought he was doing the most, and on top of the world until he was introduced to Mr M Dongo and the BNC Family by a friend in 2020. This is when his all perception of working hard changed.

He used to sell and promote his services through word of mouth, and only connecting with clients locally.

The first thing Mr M Dongo said to Mogale was that his book was long overdue, and needed to be published in a few months. However Mogale thought that this was impossible considering that he had been trying to get the book out to the world for years.

According to Mogale “ I just thought this guy is selling me dreams”.

After a few sessions with Mr Dongo, Mogale started seeing that indeed sometimes dreams do come true when action started taking place on how he can publish his book.

Mogale was also introduced to a few publishers and people in the same industry as him to give him the motivation to work and perfect his book within a few months the first few copies of The Untold Truth About Pain were being sold.


The young writer was also helped by Mr M Dongo on how he can market to ensure a successful sale of the lessons he was learning at the BNC Academy.

He joined this academy to enhance his business but he has managed to learn different tools and techniques and some of the copies started selling before printing.

Mogale have been learning on different courses in the Academy like How to Sell Like A Pro as well as Branding For and as of present the Book has sold over 300 copies both on a local and international level.

BNC helped Mogale learn different systems to run a successful business and how he can increase his audience and also improve his marketing strategies.

The system introduced to him allows Mogale to make sales and connect with clients easy and to be able to sell his book and offer coaching sessions using platforms instead of relying on word of mouth and adverts.

He has been running most of his businesses through the system and connecting with clients globally. Mogale managed to build relationships with some prominent and well-respected names the coaching industry like Cobus Visser (SA) and Jae Ma (USA) to name a few and he interviewed them on his weekly podcast.

Mogale is actually impressed with the progress he has made and would recommend anyone battling to break even in their area of specialty to get in touch with Mr M Dongo or join the BNC Academy.

He is in the process of releasing his second book and has released few E-books in the past few months.

He expresses his gratitude to Mr M Dongo and the BNC for introducing him to the world of dreamers with action and refer to them as a massive team “if it wasn’t for the massive team I would still l be a dream without any action and my book would not have been published.”

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