She tried it on, looked at herself in the mirror and said, “This is who I am!”


The Hessian Queen


We have always loved the idea of individuals expressing themselves through what they wear despite how difficult it may be or how influential fashion trends can be.

And yes, we have put word out there on how it is all part of embracing who you are inside out. A few months ago we came across a post on social media of a couple who happened to be farmers and on their traditional wedding day, they wore boots and safari outfits.

A proudly pronounced farming regalia.

Of course you can try imagining people’s comments of how unlikely it was, not fit for a traditional wedding, not so stylish, how unexpected it was, the negative comments go on and on.

But we loved and appreciated this couple for loving who they are, what they do and not being embarrassed to be themselves in front of the entire world.

No filter, No identity crisis.

Not long after, we met our proudly African Queen, an ultimate Makhoti, an artist at heart and a woman with an acquired taste in what fashion is.

The first time Prudence set her eyes on the “Hessian Queen” Outfit, she knew it would suit her personality through and through.

The idea of wearing an Art piece as a marooro dress to her friend did not seem real. But oh yes, she was serious!

There is so much this outfit represents other than the material it is made of which speaks volumes of humility, in our mother language it could be referred to as ‘saga’.

On every panel of the skirt is a picture telling a story.

One is an image of the Zimbabwean and African maps merged together with rays of light beaming out of the country and continent.

“There is life in Africa, and I am proud to be African Zimbabwean”, is the statement. On other panels are drawings of traditional music instruments and the image of an African Queen.

She tried it on, looked at herself in the mirror and said, “This is who I am!”

Now imagine the satisfaction that comes with aligning an outfit with someone’s personality on the inside. We still take a look at her wedding pictures and we cannot help smiling at how beautiful it worked out.

Would you have made such a bold and beautiful choice for your special day? After all is said and done, there is nothing wrong with identifying who you are and making the best out of it.

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