Thandie Newton Parker in the news, and it gives us time to reflect on the importance of identity Zimbabwe

Why should the skills and experience that we have developed die outside that country with our generation? Addlyne Hencil My last article in the Sunday Express gave my fellow diaspora family food for thought. In interactive discussions on opportunities in Zimbabwe, I concluded that we have become a nation that has become comfortable receiving bad news about our country and find it difficult to consume any element of positive development happening in Zimbabwe. We have become so gullible to negative news and have forgotten to look for the rainbow after the rain, its time to change this narrative and look within ourselves and audit our actions, as we celebrate 41 years of Independence – Happy birthday Zimbabwe. Recently International well-known actress Thandie Newton, announced that she will now be known by her full name: Thandiwe Newton Parker, she is the daughter of Zimbabwean mother Nyasha, a healthcare worker from the Shona tribe, reports an online tabloid. All of a sudden it became cool to be identified as Zimbabwean and have a full African name. According to the International Organisation for Migration in Southern Africa, last week reported that Zimbabweans working and living outside their country are willing to invest back

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