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Zimbabwe Constitutional Amendment Bill Number 2: The Fine Print that you Missed

There is no need to remind our compatriots that: the writing of Constitutions is not conclusive world over By Lloyd Damba In 2013 the new Zimbabwean Constitution was written under a very tense political environment, in which devolution was one of the most central issues. On one side was the MDC-T and on the other was Zanu PF and in the middle was the smaller faction of the MDC Welshman Ncube. The engagement of the debate was about the two tiers of Government, and arguments for and against Devolution in general. This came into play in the main political parties. Civil societies, The business community, students, academics, the media, and international development agencies all of them informed and misinformed the public about Devolution. On the 1st of March 2016 Obert Gutu, the then MDC T Spokesperson with the support of the party and the masses, threatened to take the Ministers of Local Government and the minister of Justice and Parliamentary Affairs to court over the non-implementation of Devolution Ignatius Chombo and Emmerson Mnangagwa respectively. This interview was conducted by Renowned Journalist of Studio 7 Jonga Kandemiri. Last year on the 1st of October 2020 Honourable Rusty Markham, Combined

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