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Constitutional Amendment Bill No 2: We want to vaccinate the nation against useless Vice-Presidents

The introduction of the lottery clause introduces doubt in the country By Senator Douglas Mwonzora Thank you very much Mr President Sir, I will just make brief comments before I go to the very new thing. Of course, in the absence of a clear 50-50 provision, an extension of the women’s quota is the next progressive thing. In the absence of anything else, a quota for the youth is of course welcome. We have started a new philosophy that the youths are not leaders of tomorrow, they are leaders of today and introducing them into the legislature is a right step in bringing that leadership. Of course, we have debated devolution time without number and this is a very old story. We support devolution. I feel that the people who have debated the running mate clause, especially those who want it to go did not do justice to the logic of the running mate clause. Why did we put it there? I happen to have been in the Constitution-making process itself and this was one of the contentious clauses.

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