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It’s time to stop complaining and finger-pointing at the Presidiums


By Addlyne Hencil

A few weeks ago in one of my articles I posed a question to my brothers and sisters in the diaspora – Are you ready to be part of the positive change happening in Zimbabwe?

Are you ready to bring back your skills and be part of re-building the country?

I promised to do my part to bring back skills and investment into the country and this was my week.

This week had two highlights that got me really excited. I listened very closely to the interview of Economist Eddie Cross, as he unpacked the current Zimbabwe economic situation.

This is in the same week that the Honourable Minister Monica Mutsangwa gave her post-cabinet briefing, and in her briefing she outlined governments plans and commitment to Pharmaceutical & Medical Consumable manufacturing with the Regulator – Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe being given a directive to fast track any manufacturing applications with immediate effect.

I said it before and I say it again – there is definitely something positive and massive happening in Zimbabwe, these two events this week gave further affirmation to my previous article, that now is the time to sit up and take your place at the Zimbabwe table.

It’s time to stop complaining and finger-pointing at either past Presidiums or the current Presidium but ask the question – How can I get involved to assist my country?



I’ve been in the medical field for 28 years with a fair understanding of Ophthalmics, Medical Devices & Consumables, Infusions, Infection Control and Woman & Child Healthcare, having worked for top South African corporates.

I am excited at Governments commitment to local manufacturing and the processes put in place to work with Industry in ensuring that their 2025 local manufacturing goal is achieved.

Working together with ZIDA – The Zimbabwe Investment Development Agency an investment agency responsible for promoting and facilitation of both local and foreign investment in the country.



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It is time for all of Africa to focus on positioning itself in manufacturing and begin to internalise resources and learn to reinvest within each other and perhaps inter Africa student internship and exchange programs to create additional platforms of skills transfer sharing within the African continent could be of further assistance in expediting the African agenda.

I call upon Government procurement departments within the Healthcare sector and other sectors to bridge the gap between Suppliers, End users, and Procurement by hosting Supplier Open days to exhibit and educate end-users and procurement on new tools and new technology available, which will further improve healthcare delivery services in hospitals and clinics throughout the country.


Addlyne Hencil is with Jit-Tv & The Media Box, Mud Hut Consulting, Tinavo Holdings, and Healthcare Infusion Solutions. This column is published in partnership with The Sunday Express. Follow her on social media. Her new programme Ndinotaura Zvandinoda is loading.





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