What Zimbabwe’s international relations should look like under TPF rule: Series 8

Our international relations should mirror our long and redefined relationship with the international community By Andrew Nyathi Zimbabwe, for the first time in its long and turbulent history, attained independence and ushered a democratically elected government in 1980. The historic elections, followed by the inauguration on April 18, 1980 and the installation of a new Government was indeed a milestone and ushered in a period of profound and fundamental change in our country. The anachronistic, unjust, immoral and criminal system of white minority rule came to an ignominious end and was replaced by a majority driven democracy. Therefore, as TPF we view this period as a victory for the people of Zimbabwe as a whole. Our emergence as a democratic country in the decade of the 20th century has thrust us into a fundamentally transformed world. The cold war per se had ended;

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