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A dress that defines confidence, a trim that lifts the weight off your shoulders

By Ruby Chinyawu

This week I introduce the Sunday Express to the story of Claris – name withheld – who ordered a wardrope makeover as a form of marriage therapy.

Have you ever thought of your closet as more than just clothes, maybe even a form of therapy?

In our design journey we met someone who did – and she’s got a story to tell.

Breaking out of depression, she matched her healing with her outward appearance.

Just to give a glimpse of her wardrobe makeover, we will talk about a few of the designs we created for her.

Dress number one which we call the “Serene Queen” is a multi-dress design paired with matching blush pink with mesh sleeves.

The subtle flowers on the dress symbolise the peaceful soul she now carries and a pop of pink representing the joy inside her.

A look at herself in the mirror is always a reminder of how her soul has healed and settled.

In her owns words, Claris narrates how she’s been through unfortunate moments such as losing her parent to cancer, grief that triggered depression, a journey of battling with infertility and pressure from family members.

Every single bit of this added on the weight to her depression levels.

As she walked out of this season, she could not describe it in any other way than peace settling inside her and this dress compliments the process on the outside.

The second creation was this Olive green and red ankara A-line dress with pockets, paired up with a black leather belt named “Bold and Brave”.

Red has always been a bold colour, a colour of confidence.

After going through experiences that could have stripped off a huge part of her self-esteem, what could be better than a dress that defines confidence.

The colour combination of red with olive green brings in a certain warmth and embracing who she is even after the storm she’s been through.

The dress can be worn with or without the belt according to her comfort. The statement will still be the same, “I am certain of who I am!”.


The third piece from this therapy collection is focused on how she is a mother and a loved wife. We named it “Simply Adored”.

In Claris’ story, she clearly highlights how her husband has supported her during hard times. She says: “The best thing of all, hubby stood by my side through it all and always gave me support.

Although he was facing pressure from work he would still prioritise our marriage.

“We visited doctor’s appointments together and he also took an extra step looking for therapy to help me out in every way possible”.

Even as Claris embarked on the new wardrobe collection, her husband has also been in support of it.

And so, behold the simply loved woman in a beige and olive green Ankara creation! Again this colour showing up to remind her embracing who she is from the inside, the warmth in her character, and the maturity of a mother.

It shows how unique she is even with scars on the inside to tell a story.

The pop of rainbow colours represent the emotions and feelings going on inside her yet all of them still add to her healing and joy.

Claris is proud of being loved and having a family to love back. And from any angle, she would definitely look the part.

There are other pieces in this collection. For those who are interested in viewing the rest of the collection, we will be sharing them on our social media platforms along with her full story in her own words.

Her whole collection also accommodates for her as a breastfeeding mother and so every single piece has an opening on the front.

We are pleased and honoured to have been part of this woman’s story.

And above all things, Claris is a believer and every single step she has taken in her healing period has been God inspired including her decision to do a wardrobe makeover.

She hopes and believe her story makes an impact in someone’s life and reassures them that whatever they are going through, it never lasts forever.

Always leaving you, with a touch of love.


(Fictional names and model have been used for the privacy of the client).

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