When your closet is more than just clothes, but a form of marriage therapy

A dress that defines confidence, a trim that lifts the weight off your shoulders By Ruby Chinyawu This week I introduce the Sunday Express to the story of Claris - name withheld - who ordered a wardrope makeover as a form of marriage therapy. Have you ever thought of your closet as more than just clothes, maybe even a form of therapy? In our design journey we met someone who did - and she's got a story to tell. Breaking out of depression, she matched her healing with her outward appearance. Just to give a glimpse of her wardrobe makeover, we will talk about a few of the designs we created for her. Dress number one which we call the "Serene Queen" is a multi-dress design paired with matching blush pink with mesh sleeves. The subtle flowers on the dress symbolise the peaceful soul she now carries and a pop of pink representing the joy inside her. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); A look at herself in the mirror is always a reminder of how her soul has healed and settled. In her owns words, Claris narrates how she's been through unfortunate moments such as losing her parent to cancer

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