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Best Foot Forward with Tinashe Mukori: Second Republic showing the way in improving people’s lives

We stand cognisant of the wishes and aspirations of our valiant heroes for the people of Zimbabwe By Tinashe Mukori In the new month of May I welcome you to the Sunday Express newspaper. Last month (April) was a momentous month for Zimbabwe in the history of our nation and we express our deep, heartfelt congratulations to the people of Zimbabwe and leadership of the New Administration in the Second Republic led by HE President Emerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa on this auspicious occasion of the 41st Aniversary of Independence Forty-one (41) years ago, the people of Zimbabwe became free and liberated from the shackles of bondage and colonial subjugation visited upon them for nearly a century by colonial settlers, after an arduous, bitter and protracted armed struggle. It is a great day of jubilation as we celebrate the fundamental freedoms and sacrosanct liberties that were ushered in by our gallant fallen and living heroes who selflessly sacrificed their lives to set us free as we are today. We say Congratulations. Makorokoto.

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