Winter return as Covi-One speaks news on YouTube, and reveals book plan

Could there be a driving force behind the pandemics? Could it be the greatest conspiracy that we never got to solve? By Merkury Rising So, hello everyone, and I hope you are all good. This week I returned to the airwaves in a YouTube video, and I spoke about how our lives will never, ever be the same again, and moreso since I last featured on this newspaper. The world has staggered as it adjusted to new habits, most of them we could dub crazy, with the masses masked up and out of work, they watched the narrative of updates from the then American President Donald Trump. The world watched on TV with great anxiety and to some extent, euphoria. Weeks dragged into months and the ruthless Covid-19 pandemic ravaged the world with impunity. It was like a dark cloud that bore no rain. The eagerness for change for the better filled the hearts of many. They hope to go back to freedom.

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