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Could there be a driving force behind the pandemics? Could it be the greatest conspiracy that we never got to solve?

By Merkury Rising


So, hello everyone, and I hope you are all good.

This week I returned to the airwaves in a YouTube video, and I spoke about how our lives will never, ever be the same again, and moreso since I last featured on this newspaper.

The world has staggered as it adjusted to new habits, most of them we could dub crazy, with the masses masked up and out of work, they watched the narrative of updates from the then American President Donald Trump.

The world watched on TV with great anxiety and to some extent, euphoria. Weeks dragged into months and the ruthless Covid-19 pandemic ravaged the world with impunity. It was like a dark cloud that bore no rain.

The eagerness for change for the better filled the hearts of many. They hope to go back to freedom. People buried their loved ones, observing strict Covid-19 regulations.

The arrival of vaccines seemed a billion years away, and the battle now is on affordability, and access, and especially for those in remote areas.

Covid has kept on pressing down the world – social distancing, sanitising, and the wearing of masks. It is the new abnormal.

Big nations like the United States of America suffered heavily. The Europeans were not spared either. As for the Asians, I shall not speak. Chinese, Japanese, Pakistan. No one was safe.

Now, look at the lead story in the newspaper today. India? The commotion was too much.

President Donald Trump became the punching bag from all angles, his will to save his nation also spearheaded his downfall. And as predicted, Covid-19 cost him a second term. he will now go down as one of the most unpopular US Presidents.

There was also the issue of race as fueled by the murder of George Floyd.

So we could all see that Covid-19 became a litmus for all the things that were poisoning our relations.

This was a little know disease that was bringing great suffering. It still is doing that.

The numbers of new cases continued to rise. Imagine 400 000 new cases in one day in India. it is real madness. The death rates are shocking.

For years to come, films will be made, arts will be created, radio programmes will be spoken about and much more expressions will be revealed.

For this media, for this canvas we will get down to the 100-day online book challenge with Zimbabwe Digital Express and Mr Aubrey Mavhuli, author of Success if Do it Yourself.

We will revisit some of the works that we have already done of this character Covid-One and bring back the news of all the world events that are on-going due to this lockdown, what our world leaders, what is going on in their minds, and what their views for the future will be.

Obviously, some changes are called for and many changes will occur post the pandemic.

We have seen such similar events happening before our time.

The Spanish flu and others before that, what has the world learnt about it, and what changes have been brought forward, to avoid further loss of lives in the future?


Could there be a driving force behind the pandemics? Could it be the greatest conspiracy that we never got to solve?

We said it before. Maybe there is someone who is running the world behind dark curtains. It is possible.

Maybe there is someone who is pulling the strings. Who is it who could be the puppet master of all this carnage?

It is a question of that needs new information and new knowledge of viruses coming into our existence?

Are we blindfolded by who we are, and what perceptions of leaders who lead us? What do we see about the future? Are we living without gearing up for tomorrow?

As individual citizens what have we learnt on our own apart from what we have been taught at school, and that which we are following blindly?

AS the weeks unfold, so shall we. The Youtube videos will keep on coming, the cartoons will add new characters, and the book will be guided to fruition by Mr Mavhuli – and coming right to your doorstep in the not too distant a future.

Human nature is surely stronger than this pandemic 0 we have survived worse as humanity.
Generations have come and gone, wars, great leaders have been here.

Covi One sees a future. Past this pandemic.


He urges you and me not to take chances an excuse to start fighting, wars will not change this. Previously we urged all the artists in this newspaper to get inspiration from this pandemic.

Write inspirational material. Cooking, design, movie scripts etc. Sing happy songs. Of the future. Be together with your family. Communicate better, and reinvent yourself.

Love one another. Mend your differences. Forgive one another. Practice social distancing. See you in two weeks with the next chapter.




















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