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Douglas Mwonzora is completing the unfinished business of the Global Political Agreement, en-route to complete the unfinished business of the liberation struggle

By Lloyd Damba


The MDC – in its founding documents and resolutions – resolved that the party is against all forms of violence and does not believe in the use of violence as a way or means of attaining State political power, social, economic, and or religious objectives.

This is the MDC Constitution on Article 4 and the MDC President Douglas Mwonzora has adopted this as his approach to introducing a new political philosophy in a country that has seen too much death, bloodshed and incarceration of political activists without yielding any change.

Further it Committed itself to pursue social liberation policies aimed at completing the unfinished business of the liberation struggle.

Determined to build a society in which the National Government is accountable to the People through devolution of power and decision making to the Provinces and local institutions and structures.

Dedicating itself to work with trade unions, employer organizations, human rights organizations, traditional leaders, the church, and other civic organisations in the formulation of national policies and shaping of the country’s leadership.


Recognising the role of women and students youths and making sure that their voices are heard.

These became the unifying founding principles and values of the MDC and they are captured in the party’s Constitution, that who so ever subscribes to the MDC and who shall take over the leadership of this party must religiously follow and endeavour to implement them.

The Movement for Democratic Change – led by Douglas Mwonzora – does not seek to undermine all these principles and also to undermine the gains of the liberation struggle but to complete them.

In the past two weeks there was war in Parliament over constitutional amendment Bill Number 2 and as poisoned as it was at the end – with the removal of the running mate and the appointment and extension of the chief justice clause – the bill also captured the essence of the founding principles of the MDC as stated above.

The Rational Disputation Movement of the MDC leader Douglas Mwonzora seeks the politics that is devoid of confrontation and disruption, rancor, slander, and character assassination. The Rational Disputation movement, therefore, recognises the existence of other political players because it is enshrined in the National Constitution.

This movement of the MDC president Douglas Mwonzora is gaining momentum and traction, because it has its roots in 2008 Global Political Agreement signed between the father of democracy and the MDC founding President Morgan Tsvangirai – and long time Zanu PF Leader Robert Mugabe as well as the Lancaster House Agreement and the negotiations between Zanu PF and PF Zapu of Joshua Nkomo that ended Gukurahundi killings.



Zimbabweans have of late been drained by the politics of hate speeches, slander, character assassination, demonstrations which yield no economic change to their lives.

Recently the church has now decided to wade into the political minefield by proposing a Sabbath to political machinations to allow the country to heal economically, socially, and politically.

The business community has also voiced concern over economic decline and uncertainty gripping the country.

Traditional leaders, custodians of our culture have also voiced concern of the poverty that has gripped their subjects.

In March of 2008 Morgan Tsvangirai of the MDC beat Robert Mugabe of Zanu PF and what followed was an orgy violence that left MDC supporters dead or displaced.

Morgan Tsvangirai chose to negotiate but did this mean that he was now a Zanu PF puppet and a sell-out.



This led to the signing of the Global Political Agreement which was never implemented in full except the writing of the Constitution but all the agreed reforms are economic and electoral were largely ignored.

It then makes no sense to continue on this journey without electoral reforms, currency reforms, security of persons and prevention of violence, legislative agenda and priorities to write new laws as to align it with the Constitution, electoral vacancies, humanitarian and food assistance, periodic review mechanism and the actual Government framework cascading to provincial and local authorities in the spirit of devolution.

Fast forward to today the new MDC has already hit the ground running, mobilising the citizens and conscietising about the unfinished business of the Global Political Agreement.

In his endeavour as a practical politician he has dared government and his critics by invoking Article 8 (b)of the GPA which states that; all Zimbabweans regardless of race ethnicity gender political affiliation and religion have the right to benefit from and participate in all national programmes and events without let or hindrance.

He has broken the Zanu PF monopoly on National events such as the national vaccination programme and he intends to break the monopoly on independence and heroes day celebrations.

For two decades the MDC has been shouting its voice hoarse over Zanu PF’s monopoly on ZTV and he has now broken that streak too.



He is occupying space in spheres that we as the opposition have been crying out for.

It is therefore imperative to note that no citizen must privatise the liberation struggle, national heroes Day, Independence Day, National Food and Vaccination Programmes.

Zimbabwe for long has been a big landmass but not a nation united in its political diversity ethnicity and colour and culture. Zimbabwean has the highest number of political and economic refugees more than Syria which has a civil war.

Among those in exile are Zanu PF members who once enjoyed destroying the opposition. Douglas Mwonzora wants to bring this type of hate politics to an end and even bring back these people home so that they will participate in rebuilding the country.

The Rational Disputation movement is growing and its intentions are noble. The unfinished business of the Global Political Agreement must be completed so that we may fulfill the unfinished business of the liberation struggle and the MDC Leader Douglas Mwonzora is determined to see this through.


Lloyd Damba is Presidential Spokesperson for the Movement for Democratic Change. The views expressed do not necessarily represent the editorial position of Zimbabwe Digital Express.


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