Fiction writing with Nhamo Muchagumisa: The sweet taste of water melon flesh:

Mrs Chinesimba had had a quarrel with her husband before he succumbed to the water melon disease By Nhamo Muchagumisa Mrs Chinesimba watched her husband breaking the water melon. Chinesimba held the melon in both his hands and bumped it three times against the hard ground until an even crack ran around the turgid ball. He then forced his thumbs into the crack and split the juicy melon into two appetising slices. He began to feast on the melon, tearing the delicious flesh with the tips of his fingers and loading the pieces into his mouth. Suddenly another man like Chinesimba, his very replica, appeared on his side, sitting on an identical stool and eating an identical water melon. Before she could ask what was happening, two other Chinesimbas joined their brothers, followed by another two and yet another two, until the whole yard was a sea of identical men, enjoying water melon flesh. When the meal was finished, the men all started coughing in one mighty voice and then began to retch.

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