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Let bygones be bygones. Let the Kazungula bridge reconnect us

Development is development - whether this takes place this week, this month, or after others have done their bit By Terrence Mwedzi It is heartening and encouraging to note that Botswana and Zambia this week jointly opened the Kazungula bridge. Surely the $259.3 million bridge, which is 923 meters long, is expected to facilitate access to international markets through connectivity with major seaports and to improve the 'much-needed efficiency of the Southern African Development Community (SADC). The avid readers of this leading online publication - Digital Sunday Express - will totally agree with me that the Kazungula Bridge demonstrated the noble, and strong relations between two regional countries (Zambia and Botswana). The road was tough and rough at the same time as many setbacks were experienced; the Kazungula project started in 2014. In sharp contrast, this will undoubtedly open fresh investment opportunities in the region-which is paramount. Personally, l am feeling happy about this latest multi-million project because It shows that if we continue working together as Africans will move mountains and grow our economies. We need co-operation and unity of purpose in Africa.

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