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The sorrow stories of motherland: Operating above ordinary from the disputed grave

By Trust Sibanda

The late former President of Zimbabwe created a legacy which is a nightmare and a thorn in the flesh to those trying to create the same grip he had.

His life was full of drama so is his life after the one we knew which expired on the day he took his last breath. In his life people got lessons daily and lessons seem to have amplified as people are gripped in confusion trying to mimic his wrong and good wisdom.

Could it be that he got his power from a sceptre? The man of a Mausoleum whose burial delayed for weeks like the announcement of the 2008 election is at it again posthumously.

Some people want him exhumed and if that is something to go by it therefore means that his rest is not guaranteed.

The majority of people first heard of the big word Mausoleum when the government was mooting the idea of having it erected for the burial of RGM.



Another word sceptre has made headlines following a rumor that he was buried with this item of royal or imperial insignia.

The summoning of the widow Grace Mugabe by a traditional court over what is presumed as the scandalous burial of RGM left quite a number of people with mixed feelings.

Should the old man be exhumed? Surely he deserves to rest in peace.

Some support the idea of the Traditional Leader involved reigning on her so as to deal with the indiscipline she displayed when she defied traditional way of dealing with the dead.

The other population feels this attack on the widow is engineered from some well resourced and powerful offices that have the potential of making her life hell.

The most interesting part is how a simple letter from a Traditional Leader was marinated with some element of speculation and spiced up to make Twitter avenues have “tweetables”.

The letter just spoke about issues of doing the right thing if ever that word exists.



How the issue of sceptre came in no one knows how it popped into this legal topic.

People want the population to believe that Mugabe was buried while holding a knobkerrie whose special name is Sceptre which gave him powers to run the country.

The information corridors manned by grapevines are of the idea that Chief Zvimba is being remotely controlled to facilitate exhumation so that the sceptre can be stolen from the remains of RGM.

It appears no-one has the idea of where the treasure is.

Some tweet masters even suggested that it was handed to Saviour Kasukuwere by the man himself.

It could be true or it could be a way of indirectly initiating a search and punish for the former Minister.

What value do sceptres hold in African politics?

The biblical Moses had his that he used it once to divide the sea into two when he was been pursued. At one time he once threw it on the ground and it changed into a snake.



The late VP Dr Joshua Nkomo had his but the fact that no one initiated an idea of exhuming him could be an indication that there is a specific artifact which does the trick.

Idi Aminin Dada had one. Kamuzu Banda also had his.

Were those just ordinary ones? Think of Julius Mwalimu Nyerere and many other African leaders they had special knobkerries made for them as a symbol of their Royalty.

The burial of RGM was not an overnight thing. It took weeks to be finalised and where were the Chiefs and their tradition to stop whoever who had the powers to decide where Mugabe must be rested?

This issue was just supposed to be a family issue dealt with behind closed doors.

This habit of taking things to the public will do no good to the family and the entire Zvimba area. It is sad that Mugabe dribbled them even in death.


If it is true that he took with him the scepter then the loser is the one who is left with a title without the stick.

If the missing sceptre has powers which it is believed to have, then losers are those without it while there are in power.

The “seek me first before you seek the throne” is a Zimbabwean story that sounds funny but having a sad end if fully pursued.

Let us hope it is just another story to officially welcome winter a season of nightmares.

The good part is that the Chief distanced himself from the story meaning to say there are some people who connived in a bid to steal from the grave. Robert Mugabe must be turning in his grave.

The sorrow stories of motherland.



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