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It’s OK if you don’t want to write your own story, or chapter. Its OK that you are busy. It’s like the horse, and the river. Going to the river is simple. Drinking the water is completely another story

By Aubrey Mavhuli

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed our lives forever. Many people have rediscovered their hidden talents and skills.

Others have turned their free time, expression and hobbies into home businesses.

Cash is hard to come by, and those who survive during these trying times are those who are maximising their talents and story-telling skills into lucrative careers.

How about you learn how to write your own chapters, and publish your own book with The Sunday Express in 100 days?

The most important response to this question is: I have no story to tell, or I am busy, or I don’t want to write a few words per day…

It’s OK if you don’t want to write a book or tell your own story about your own hobby, sport, business, hustle or ideas.

Don’t read further.

After all it’s your own story, and if you will not be comfortable, or have no time with telling your own narrative – no one will pull it out from you – no matter how we could convince.



It’s like the proverbial horse and drinking story. We could let you read and drink this newspaper – and you read and enjoy news readers and writers turning their views, news, and opinion into newspaper content. No problem.

But if you will NOT text-draft a few words of your own – even once a week – just to add to your own blog or chapter – therefore the horse will not drink.

For those with a good story to tell – turn your side hobby into a lucrative career on the writer’s circuit.

I am Aubrey Mavhuli and I have written Success Is Do it Yourself right here – on this space that you are reading from right now and in this very newspaper.

Two out of every three people run away as fast as they can – when they are asked to write their own story. It’s natural for humanity to run from opportunity.

Only one from the three will attempt. And it is those who have tried writing newspaper blogging and column of paragraphs, routinely offer their own views which you enjoy in this very newspaper every week.

That’s what I did. And I loved turning my hobby into value – which I am now handing over to you.

As a copywriter, businessman and storyteller, newspapers are our best friends – telling theirs and our news story, drafting it and writing it. Putting words together into text – is their – and our business.

I saw an opportunity to blog here – and build traction on my writing business before I published my book. Each new blog turned out to be a new chapter, a sequel, and a follow-on in which I created suspense at the endings of a chapter – leaving the readers of this newspaper hanging and waiting for the next chapter adventure.

No strict timetable. No call or text from the from the Editor to ask for the blog or to set an reminder. And no stopping of any other work – at the farm, at the Ecocash booth, at the office and all other daily demands.



Now check out the book cover at the top of this article.

For those without the time and would say no – let me tell you what you are saying NO to.

You are saying no to fame, posterity, and the potential to make a fortune.

You are saying no to creating your own value – at your own time – and without as much as a sweat.

Or if you hoinestly don’t have the time, you could join the class for your teenager at home who is struggling to nail down a useful hobby, something to bring out the expression in him or her.

Or for your gardener to record the changing colours of the seasons in your garden. It’s that simple.

People are made by books and knowledge – and you could also make your own, or donate the course to someone – your book club, your church.

Let me tell you a secret. Writing a book is a great thing to do.

Shakespeare is alive today in the hearts of our schools, universities snd theatres because he wrote plays that turned into books. All that this man wrote are – plays. Just speech and action.

One copy of your book can bring you hundreds of thousands. How so? I know of some authors who literally don’t care if their book actually sells or not. If a few copies are sold, that’s pocket money.



But its a damn good prestige addition on your CV that elevates your brand profile in the eyes of your peers and prospects.

A good book in a specialised field – especially a non-fiction – sets you strong and apart from your competition or colleagues.

Imagine giving away one of your books to a client who – in turn – rewards you with a speaking or training gig worth thousands. That’s the kind of power a book has – it is limitless.

Here’s the catch. Take a few copies with you to a job interview and hand a copy each to the panelists.

Hand out a copy to your boss – or take a few to a braai or to the golf. Speak about it in your webinar – and offer to read. Take a few copies to your political party and hand out to the comrades.

Imagine the journey that the book is going to travel – and the doors that it is going to open. Partner with a brand and roll out t-shirts, designer bags fashion, African attire and a clothing line. For every item sold, you factor in a discounted book, and if the t-shirts fly, so does the book.

How about linking stationery business with the (your) book with every item sold.

How about a movie script with your characters in the book and the film will be  – “based on a true story”.

I am inviting you to The Sunday Express online book training session.

I can promise I won’t waste your time. In fact, I guarantee your satisfaction or your money back.

New writers are joining every week. New stories, new chapters and new inspiration. I’m now teaching daily online classes and your book is closer than you think. Just find a calendar or set a 100-day countdown and see how close you are.

Join me and The Sunday Express as we show you the route that I have taken to write a book in 100 days and publish it in no time.

Check out the poster on this website and book now. See news differently.


Aubrey Mavhuli is author of Success is Do It Yourself. Book your spot in the Sunday Express Online Book writing course today and receive a copy of the book.

Mavhuli is author of Marketing Sense: An entrepreneur’s marketing guide that brings results and chief copywriter and marketing consultant at SuperValueCopy.com.

He is a serial entrepreneur who runs a copywriting and marketing consultancy, solar installations company, an Ecocash shop, and a mixed farm in Gauteng.

He is a motivational speaker and trainer on marketing, copywriting, sales, leadership, and success. Email: aubrey@supervaluecopy.com














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