The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) a good hedge against the vagaries of inflation and the RTGS currency

Now that you know ZSE is a heaven on earth market, here's hpw to pick the right stock By Desire Muchipisi After my debut in The Sunday Express newspaper last week - and getting some very good feedback from the readers of this newspaper - this week I decided to come back and write about investing on the ZSE. In an inflationary environment stocks tend to be a good hedge against currency depreciation. In Zimbabwe it is very difficult to save using the local currency (RTGS) because of its instability and most people prefer to convert the RTGS to USD (sometimes the South African Rand) which is deemed to be a stable currency, but this is costly. Another way of protecting your hard-earned money (RTGS Currency) which is overlooked is to invest on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE). The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange is a capital market where shares are traded (buying and selling of shares), like we have a market for clothes (where people buy and sell clothes). (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange is not any different from such markets maybe, except in terms of how it is regulated. It is regulated by

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